A new attack on the opposition BT

Belarusian TV starts a new attack against the opposition forces. On the air appear propaganda stories that should cause the feeling of disgust for opponents of the regime.

On the eve of a revelatory roller against the youth organization "Young Belarus" was a famous advocate of regime Yuri Prokop in the program "Panorama". Young accused of misuse of grants and immoral lifestyle. However, the heroes of the transfer say that the author pulled off the shelf "naphthalene", which shows how each time received the appropriate order.

In the story, prepared by a team of Yuri Prakopau, describes the life of a dual-democracy activists on the example of the members of the movement "Young Belarus". Teleprapagandysty claim that Democrats are not so much involved in politics as shikuyut for foreign grants and "pulled away" with booze and "grass." The leader of the "Young Belarus" Artur Finkevich and his inner circle are accused of falsifying financial statements of foreign sponsors, saying that the work done by a penny, and the costs declared on the ruble. All accompanied by a corresponding picture.

Himself Artur Finkevich does not deny that these frames in the face — a real, some of them are part of the team of the presidential candidates. However, the images shown are dated 2007. Then many of the heroes were 17-18 years old, and that age is peculiar epatazhnasts. Videos presented in an access social networks, where he found the official propagandists:

Artur Finkevich

"We Belarusian TV no new materials, so once again showed the old ones. Something similar happened on the eve of local elections: showing films about the movement of" Young Belarus "when we put forward 38 candidates. No effect it had, in addition, that there is another attempt to discredit. honestly do not understand the meaning. Pictures shown yesterday in a propaganda film, 90% do not have any relation to the "Young Belarus", as those people are not members of the organization. Materials — in 2007, when the "Young Belarus" still, in principle, was not. As for the display of such staff, it's not quite decently. Even if such pictures can afford certain people, it is their private life. I absolutely would not want to even discuss the who, what, how and why was shooting, but I think that this interference in people's private lives. "

Artur Finkevich also draws attention to the fact why revelatory stories began to emerge at a time when parallel on Channel speeches began performing presidential candidates:

made go-ahead to begin "wet" democratic organizations, including youth …

"With regard to financial instruments, something else, this is mentioned is not the first time. Nothing new was not, and then, again, they have no new billing simply does not. Here it is worth pondering is why yesterday did these materials . And they appeared because the active phase of the presidential campaign, when they started to act presidential candidates. Same Rymashevski seriously criticized the current regime, so the go-ahead to begin done "wet" democratic organizations, including youth. significant that it took for the "Young Belarus, "although we have decided to engage in some observation. But they have the same problem is this: they are cut, molded in order to make our image through the floor."

Experts do not doubt that, with the date of the vote on December 19 antyapazytsyynaya activity on Belarusian TV will only increase. In the Sunday program "Focus" Much has been said about the presence of pro-democracy activists in the district election commissions. After listening to the already mentioned Prakopau can was to make conclusion: the opposition deliberately promotes the commission only mentally unbalanced people. Because, they say, and have nothing to do there.

Urgent mobilization of the most experienced promoters confirmed chairman of the National Television and Radio Company Alexander Zimouski. In particular, he explained why the broadcast of the program "Focus" is returned by a number of investigations antyapazytsyynyh Yuri Prokop:

Alexander Zimouski

"With regard to the return of the air Yuri Prakopau, he never ether did not leave. He has worked on many documentaries, including related and kontraprapaganday, work with the opposition theme that is present on the channels Belteleradyekampanii. So his return to the program" In the center attention "is justified. Jura — good dynamic politboets, a journalist who did not finish their professional growth, he has still room to improve. And we thought it best, in this case, during the political campaign, the program will conduct a journalist, which is nothing No need to further explain his substitute some editing, etc. Replacement is due precisely to this approach. "

The need to promote antyapazytsyynay overshadowed even the Russian vector. Anti-Russian rhetoric on Belarusian television has become noticeably smaller.


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