A new form of recreation in Karelia

According to media reports in Karelia there was an unexpected and at the same time, the expected form of extreme tourism — riding a dog sled. At low temperatures, the long polar night and snow thousands of ways this type of holiday will be remembered exactly who decided on such a holiday. Riding on the sled itself is not new for the peoples of the North, but so far it is not practiced as a form of tourism.

What is interesting, it is still attractive for foreign tourists — they opened this season. By the description of the correspondent, who was at the opening of the season, all the tourists, without exception, were delighted by the grandeur of nature and the Karelian anticipation of group outings. The guys at the conquest of the winter forest was allocated three days. During this time, each managing its own relay, they have traveled dozens of kilometers of snowy expanses. Agree, it's better than to download cs 1.6 and spend weekends and holidays at home. After all, you can play on other days.

According to the organizers, volunteers to communicate with the friendly huskies and sled dog ride a lot. Experience the extreme type of tourism they want people of different ages, interests, priorities, and professions. Perhaps, but here it does not matter how much a person earns and can spend on entertainment. There are not as many as in the resorts. For example, the cost of the program is very low — about 3000 rubles per person. Additionally, you can pay for your stay in your hotel and meals.

Now our users have the opportunity to experience this unforgettable adrenaline of driving fast with the Huskies meet the fresh wind. Have time to do it while in Karelia is a real Russian winter.

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