A new method for the introduction of the chips in the body


The long-awaited new step towards the emergence of cyborgs — creatures that combine human and robot. New method to implant sensors in the human body, developed at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in collaboration with Harvard University and Boston Children's Hospital, says journalist Mark Prigg.

"To cultured tissue obtained voluminous, scientists grow cells on tiny towers, resembling a sponge" — tells the publication. And now researchers supplemented the support electronic sensors made of silicon nanowire.

"The sensors can measure the electrical oscillations in the tissues surrounding the support, manage doses of drugs that need to be put into the body, or keep track of how act on heart drugs prescribed for the trial," — explains the author.

"We are one step closer to the creation of artificially grown heart one day in the future" — summed up one of the study's authors, Professor Robert Langer (David H. Koch Institute at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology). Already grown heart tissue and muscles neurons and blood vessels.

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