A series of films Games Gods going to recognize the extremist material

I would like to inform you that the October 15, 2011 in the city of Ufa, Bashkortostan Russia after a demonstration of my latest movie from the TV series GAME OF THE GODS and creative meetings with the audience I was detained by employees of the Federal Security Service of the Republic and was taken to the building of the Federal Security Service at the address. Sverdlov, 96, where he spent two hours asking questions and record the answers on my activities, ideology and religious views.

After this particular "interview" I was presented with a service summons in a civil case 2-3463/11, which I was at the request of the prosecutor of the republic, "the recognition of information materials extremist" causes January 30, 2012 by the court as an interested person. These informational materials, as I have explained, are 14 films in the series GAME OF THE GODS. Familiarity with the materials of the investigation and examination I refused, saying that such a possibility I will be given in court.

This unpleasant fact did not surprise me, but a little confused. I'm not going to analyze the actions of the Bashkir prosecutors and discuss the desirability of 282 articles in the foreign law. GAME OF THE GODS film projects produced in 2002 and spread throughout the world. According to the statistics, GAMES GODS watched tens of millions of people, hundreds of thousands of people from different countries expressed appreciation and support. For 9 years, I have never in any country was not charged with any complaints about their content. The question is — why is this series of 9 years was legitimate and even broadcast on some TV channels? And why is the security of the Russian Federation decided to consider a subjective world view cinema as a threat to society now?

Whatever the verdict on my films, I thank the prosecutors and the FSB Bashkortostan for further inform the project and hope that many more viewers will find the movie GAME OF THE GODS important, according to the prosecutor — "informational materials" about the outlook and ancient culture our ancestors.

Thank you.


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