A spokeswoman Belarusfilm: Works by Belarusian authors are not adapted to the silver screen

Today in the press center of the Press House, a round table on "Literature in the misty conditions of modernity: the popularization of works by Belarusian writers in television, radio and films." The most heated debate has caused it cinema. Why a national studio "BelarusFilm" not ekraniziruet works of Belarusian writers?

The discussion started with a joke: the filmmakers insisted that in fact Lenin's famous phrase about the movie sounded different: "In a time of illiteracy for us the most important of the arts are the movies and the circus."

Writers, magazine editors, literary critics, making detailed reports of the rise of the Belarusian literature, insisting on the fact that we have a lot of writers, and their works are worthy adaptation.

Irina Shavlyakova

Lecturer at the Institute of Journalism of BSU, a columnist for the newspaper division of criticism "Literature and Art" Irina Shavlyakova convinced:

"We have quite a strong current of social and psychological prose, within which stands the philosophical and psychological prose. I do not know whether our cinema is ready to learn it now. But the fact that among the works of Victor Kazko, Karamazov, Anatoly Kudryavtsev, Fedorenko have works worthy of the film adaptation, I am convinced. There is such a flood of lyrical prose, which, in my opinion, extremely kinematagrafichnaya: I mean the novel by Vladimir Stefan or prose recent Leonid Dranko-Maisyuk. I do not think that we have the absolute lack of works that could would form the basis of a screenplay or theatrical production. "

Lead editor of the national film studio "BelarusFilm" Rita Shagray said that all of the authors who were called, were at the studio in the so-called "screenwriting portfolio." But, in her opinion …

Rita Shagray

"A lot of work, unfortunately, is not in any way adapted to the silver screen as a movie has its own laws. While the writers of the most suitable to screen productions novels Ludmila Rulevskay because it has action, intrigue there, there are heroes. Excuse me, gentlemen, men of letters, but we do not have a general idea of the hero, that would be of interest not only to ourselves, but also to our friends who will buy the picture. Because the movie — the art is expensive. You need to buy a movie, not only the six areas, but to Russia interested in our product, Ukraine. Such works of our Belarusian authors, unfortunately, no. "

Speech by Rita Shagray caused a storm of protest. Why not take the film work? She replied as follows:

"Because in the literature, only one feature: mestachkovasts. We can not the fact that we have published, to show even in Russia "

Vote"And Kusturica appeared with their local young heroes …"

Shagray"Yes, I would like to have grown up Kusturica. But he still Kusturica and screenwriter. "

The famous Belarusian writer Vladimir Khalip said that the Belarusian cinema situation is critical:

"Studio, working under the wise leadership of our" Red House ", can give nothing worthy certain artistic level. And therefore there is such a common, familiar, gray trash. Ekranizuyutstsa works mainly police general who led the pro-government literature.

And the fact that they filmed Karatkevich ever — God forbid that to happen!

And the fact that they filmed Karatkevich ever — God forbid that to happen! When at last we will have a normal country — will be a normal cinema, literature and the normal, so that's worth a little wait. And now those waiting more than naive. "

As for the film adaptation of the novel by Vladimir Karatkevich "Spikes under thy sickle," is still an open question. Explanations Rita Shagray:

"The order was culture minister in person. The script was commissioned by the young author Alexander swing. The film will be in the Belarusian language in four series. Helen Sienkiewicz was a condition that the director will Pinigin. But he is a theater director, so is difficult to say what will come of it. "

Theater director Pinigin work on the film has refused, citing problems with the repair Kupala theater. Or dare someone to film Karatkevich is still unknown.


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