A unique case of resurrection


…This unusual story that has taken place today in Syria, I accidentally learned from Alexander Loginov, the fifth year runneth novice in Filofei Greek monastery on Mount Athos.

In this monastery came orthodox physician, a Greek, a pathologist, who at one time worked in the United Nations established the Medical Commission. He met with the elders of the monastery.

According to this physician, the Commission is a unique case study — in the literal sense of the resurrection of the dead man. After he was killed and quartered, the man was re-sewn from the dismembered state on the basis of some not yet known to mankind technologies. Initially, the victim survey conducted in Damascus, local doctors, and then connected to the case, and the U.S. military doctors. The American side in the end concluded that the incident — a consequence of "UFO intervention," and classify the information.

"And our cross and said," Thank God! "- Said Alexander … The story is this. Someone for whom, in fact, question — someone Sh.D. — was a rich Arab sheikh from Saudi Arabia. And it wife was orthodox Muslim from a wealthy noble family.

This Arabian family could be called a happy, if … they had children. Sh.D. very much like an heir. He appealed for help to physicians, not once went to Mecca with his wife, saw a lot of money for the construction and restoration of mosques, but nothing helped … His clan and traditions insistently demanded a divorce, but his wife and this sheikh loved most in the world. The prospect of imminent and irrevocable parting with it terrified him

Finally, the couple decided to go on his final journey together into Syria to bow to the local Muslim shrines. On arrival in Damascus, they took a taxi driver who offered to mess them a few days in the country. After learning about everything, the driver advised them to go to an old convent near Damascus called Panaghia Saidnaya.

Let them do not mind that Orthodox monastery, there is a miraculous icon of the Mother of God, come to pray to which people of different faiths and beliefs. And very often the Mother of God helps the bereaved families, the driver said. Sh.D. asked him to take him to the monastery Sidnaysky, promising in the execution of his prayers monastery donate 80,000 dollars, and the driver — a further 20 million.

After nine months, the couple Saudi heir was born. Happy sheik immediately went to Damascus to fulfill the promise, thus contacted the driver and asked to meet him at the airport, he arrived with two "guards". On the way to the monastery car suddenly turned into a deserted place, and then the three brutally murdered by Sheikh, cutting off his feet, hands and head. Money and jewelry they took themselves, and the remains of the unfortunate lay in the trunk to take them to a safer place.

After traveling a few miles away, the car suddenly stalled. People passing by were invited to help, but he rudely refused. However, the Syrians felt something was wrong and called the police. Came the guards by surprise three accomplices. But an even bigger shock all experienced after the open trunk of the car — who was lying motionless and blood-stained corpse suddenly stirred and came to life, and staggering, was on his feet.

The first words he said were: "Only that this is the Panaghia finished sewing up my neck, right here …" After this recognition, the driver and his "bodyguards" lost his mind. Arabian later recounted that he saw everything that happened to him, but as if from the outside, deferrals. All this time on a well-established habit, he prayed to the Virgin Mary. And, according to the sheikh, the Mother of God again, "collected" all over his body and revived by His Son.

In Damascus, doctors have confirmed that the seams were actually imposed recently. And the most amazing thing is how it was possible to re-connect all the way up the broken nerves and tiny blood vessels! Upon learning of the incident, shocked relatives and friends of the man turned from Islam to Orthodox faith.

…In addition to the story we already mentioned medic, who visited the monastery Filofei news of the miracle of Our Lady of Syria recently sent out by the monasteries of Mount Athos Elder Archimandrite Ephrem of the Greek monastery of St. Anthony the Great, Arizona (USA), a student and associate of Elder Joseph Hesychast, a former abbot of earlier Filofei monastery. Archimandrite Ephraim, who organized and who ministers to the 21 Orthodox monastery in North America, writes that first learned about it from the abbot of Ignatius, the governor of the Greek Orthodox monastery in Bethlehem.

However, the official (Christian or Islamic) sources, evidence supporting the authenticity of the Syrian miracle yet. In messages left on the Arab internet forums, reference is made to the transfer, which was held for the first Syrian television.

And more. This is a wonderful case told famous Serbian theologian, Bishop Athanasius (Jevtic), when he spoke before the monks of the monastery of Candlemas, and at the conference "The Church and Eschatology" in Moscow. Lord of Athanasius was in Syria and heard the story of the Bishop of Gdańsk.

…We add only that in Sidnayskom convent near Damascus really kept the ancient miraculous image of the Blessed Virgin Mary, written by another apostle, St. Luke in the I century BC And all sorts of people in their prayers get his healing — is also documented.

Magic and Mysticism "№ 14, 2012,

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