A week in central Russia will be hot, with thunderstorms and hail

Weather in the center of the European part of Russia on the ensuing week will determine the heat that came from Africa, accompanied by thunderstorms, hail and squally winds, reports Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia.

"In the center of European Russia is amplified by the heat distribution in the middle troposphere heat waves from the south-west, from North Africa through the central Mediterranean. This will increase the relative humidity, which makes the stifling weather and unstable. Increase in the probability of thunderstorm rains, sometimes accompanied by a strong and squally wind increases and hail, will also contribute to atmospheric front Baltic cyclone that during the period will move slowly to the east, "- said in a statement.

Only on Monday in most of the districts, with the exception of the north-west, it will be sunny and rain will cost, say meteorologists.

"In the south-west flows in the early and mid-week, the average temperature will increase by 3-5 degrees, and its anomaly reaches 6-8 degrees. Nights thermometer readings will be below 17-22 degrees in the daytime temperature is expected to rise to 27 — 33 degrees. It is possible that in some places can be updated record maximum temperature "- believe in the department.

On Friday, an atmospheric front reaches the eastern provinces the district, and will leave on Saturday and shot down the heat by 4-5 degrees. Saturday night posvezheet to 12-18 C at night will be around 22-28 degrees. Meanwhile, in the west of the weather once again begins to define the next wave front, and then the rains begin.

According to observations by meteorologist, the values of absolute record maximum temperature in July in central Russia range from 29-33 degrees to 33-37 in the west to the south-east. Rate of rainfall varies from 84-98 mm in the northwest to 55-70 in the south-east.

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