A worthy replacement of the T-34 — T-44

The tank was not as massive as, for example, BT has not received baptism of war, as the eminent predecessor, the T-34 was not for the main Russian army tank, the same as the T-62, but all the same it is a pretty good tank and He has his own story. The tank was created to change the thirty-four, work on the creation of the latest technology for armored forces began in late '43. Design work was done in the Ural tank factory, led by designers Morozov. The database used elements T-34 and perceptible impact on the structural properties of the production had on the T-34M and T-43.

A worthy replacement of the T-34 - T-44

T-34M began to create a 40-year, with the beginning of the serial start-up T-34. The modernized T-34M is 6 centimeter frontal armor, the engine features a power of 600 hp He received an 8-box and high speed, the chassis with 6 support, and the third type supported by rollers on each side. Especially positioned engine — it was installed across the frame. Such an arrangement had several light tanks, but their low-power engines never given them special advantages. In the T-34M is set slightly elongated and narrow 12-cylinder engine of the diesel type. More powerful diesel, turned at a right angle, gave the opportunity to reduce the length of the case and essentially make up the main ammunition Ammunition 76 mm caliber gun. According to its characteristics and features of the armored car had to circumvent the basic model T-34. But all applied design solutions have played a cruel joke with the tank. First — an acute rejection of the assembly logistics and running the military, which had a hard time with the need to assure these decisions. And getting a new job, put an end to all the operating time promising not only for this project, and to create a tank weighing in at 30-40-50 tons with increased protection in a frontal 7.5-9 cm and 12 cm respectively armor.

A worthy replacement of the T-34 - T-44

Baton to the new tank design for the front grabbed the T-43. Design work on the tank to be ready by the middle of '43. Tank one hundred percent satisfied the main demands of the military — the largest defense and little increased weight in comparison with the T-34. The configuration of the tank had come to him as a legacy from the T-34M, the main armor — 7.5 cm, 9 cm frontal Reduce the length of the MTO designers failed, the result — a reduced crew compartment. Decision to increase the space in the BO finally found a — torsion bar suspension, which is more than a candle with a small-sized vertical springs run. Excelling in the armor of the T-34, and having the same weapons as the KV, T-43 has to have a specific pressure, too, as HF, which significantly lowered its properties and the range of the cross. But the main problem lay in the modernization, which the designers have in store ran out. And the setting for T-34 new massive 85-inch guns, minimized being wanted this machine. But experience is experience. He showed promise torsion bar suspension, and a successful test standard working hours in 3000 km, pleasant curing this choice.

A worthy replacement of the T-34 - T-44

Experience points — you need to make the newest car with the well-proven solutions. This project received the title of the T-44. Totality of the perfect solution in one machine, made a new tank determining the future development of armored vehicles. Designers With years of lowering the MTO would relegate the air cleaner to the side of the MTO. Diesel V-44 is the newest system of fuel supply that little raised his power. Place the fan took the flywheel compact implementation. This allowed diesel to low, hard and easy motoramku. Height decreased by 0.3 meters. Shall be removed from niche designers nadgusenichnyh execution. Fan shifted closer to the aft armor plates, he worked on a manual clutch. Applied solutions and improved system cooling box. Different plant oil cooler — it is now housed under the cover logistics, and once in a uniform flow of air, was able to provide an effective system cooling. The engine and 5-speed manual gearbox connected the "guitar" — increases with the number of gear transmission 0.7. The box itself designers managed to make quite a small-sized and lightweight. Airborne transmission and clutch solutions taken from the T-34. New MTO allowed to move 85 mm tool closer to the middle of the body — tankers are much less alarming angles of inclination of the tank, and decreased ability to "stick a barrel in the ground." The shift to the center guns also increment the accuracy of results. This alignment of the tank's front armor is allowed to build up to 12 cm strengths of the frontal flap also facilitated the transfer of driver-mechanic on the roof of the housing and the lack of ball-type setting for the installation of a machine gun. At the newly freed space established tank of fuel. It is in such an assembly of T-44 battle is tested and accepted by the Russian army. With the start of the "cold war", the designers taking into account the imminent appearance of tanks with heavy armor, and develop a plan modern tower with a 100 mm gun "D-10T" or under the LB-1. The roof hatch loader crew member equipped with a turret RFP ANC. The sides of the tank and get the additional equipment in the form of screens protivokumulyativnyh thickness 6 mm. With the emergence of a new middle class of tank T-54 in 46 developing T-44 terminated. But the tank is in service with the Soviet Union. In 61 is the unification of components and blocks of the T-44 and the new T-54 in '68 tank Tools stabilizer guns in 2 planes. On the base of the tank produced ACS, tractors, engineering machinery. In the history of BTV tank, first, known as the main precursor of a new family of mid-range tanks.

The main features:
— weight — 31000 kg
— command of the tank — 4th person:
— Length — 6 meters;
— width — 3180;
— height — 2.4 meters
— clearance — 42.5 cm;
— caliber main gun — 85 mm.
— armament — 85 mm cannon, 2 DTM 7.62.

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