About 1.5 thousand people are Lipetsk third day without electricity

Fifteen hundred people Lipetsk three days remain without electricity after the storm, which hit the city on Tuesday night, Energy promise to complete repairs on or after Saturday, said on Friday of "LGEK" ("Lipetsk Municipal Energy Company").

Cyclone storm with winds up to 29 meters per second hit the Lipetsk on Tuesday night. Wind felled 50 trees, interrupted power lines, tore roofs off houses. Left without electricity nearly 115,000 residents of Lipetsk, ten kindergartens, hospital. Cold water lost 22,000 residents, hot — 16 thousand. About 90% of blackouts were associated with falling trees on power lines.

Eliminate the effects of the elements of energy promised by the end of the day. On Thursday, remained without electricity 5,1 thousand people, mostly — the inhabitants of the private sector.

"The work carried out around the clock, special enough. Of this morning without power in Lipetsk was less than 1,500 people," — said the director of the complex power LGEK Igor Sai.

According to him, emergency personnel will be able to finish the job by eliminating gusts not before Saturday.

According to the Department of Housing, the hurricane in yards of wind felled 612 trees and more than 290 larger branches. Broken glass staircase with a total area of 280 square meters, in some apartment buildings suffered external wall insulation. The hurricane also opened about 2.5 thousand square meters of the roof.

In the fall of a tree in the street of Cosmonauts killed a man, born in 1963. Sought medical treatment seven people with minor injuries.

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