About domains and registration

Let's talk about domains. Domain word comes from the English word domain — domain, territory. But no, we are not talking about the British territories, but the modern concept of a domain, which has come to us from the Internet.

There is an international agreement under which each country is allocated a specific code word in 2-3 letters long, and which is called the domain of the first level. This is the domain of a given country. Questions about the creation, support and management of top-level domains is responsible for the international organization ICANN — Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

First level domain can not be registered, and it has no name, but just a point (. Com,. Net,. Ru and so on). Second-level domain — is a word before point is the name of the site. And such a domain may have to register any person or organization.

Price depends on the domain name. Controversial issues on domain registration, for example, some organizations want to register a domain budka.ru, settled at auction. Every owner of a second-level domain can create an infinite number of free third-level domains, for example, forum.budka.ru or magazin.budka.ru and so on.

Are investigated further. How can you register a domain name your future? On June 1, 2006 How to register domain names in the national domain RU changed significantly simplified. There is no need to go to the passport office in the recording company, and simply go to the website registrar. Their network a lot.

For example, the website domain registration is simple, intuitive and easy to use. Here you can check the domain in 124 areas, there is a service for intelligent selection of domain names, there is also a domain auction with lots of lots. By the way, domain names, you can not only buy but also sell.

Possible as registration of one domain and wholesale purchase of names. Very convenient and payment system. Simply say, the method of payment is any, from depositing money in savings bank account until all electronic wallets in circulation in Russia.

This site also provides a package of related services on a very, very reasonable prices. In addition, there are savings discounts.

Finally it should be noted that the site has celebrated its tenth anniversary and that WebNames.Ru officially accredited by ICANN.

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