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Required — a process which results in the energy of gift during the ceremony or any other actions of the Holy. Require can be very many phenomena and objects, such as cake, loaf, toy — an image, which is made by hand. Most importantly, when a man works and thinks of those to whom it applies to love, then it passes to his creation good strength and positive energy.

And objects absorb this force. At the time of ritual acts, and require giving Fire, created by the transformation of creation and absorb his power — the energy, which is the power source for the shower cousins.

Our ancestors and the gods who live in a different world, feed our energy and attention, goodness, love and light that we emit and send our hearts at a time when I think and talk about them. Required — can be regarded as a sacrificial offering (for example, a small piece of bread or a loaf). Surprisingly, the piece of bread, which have invested great love, will bring more happiness than the loaf, which is prepared in a swoon. Itself requires consists of Light, Heart and Soul of Good. Energy emanating from them is needed in the world.

Demons gain energy from the horror, pain, fear, suffering, and need energy Gods Heart and Good. The fire quickly transforms one form of energy to another, so it is his use of the holidays.

Each letter in the word requires has its value.

T — carries the energy remains, and connects the two worlds, the earthly and the heavenly. This energy can be spread in several ways, in different worlds.

Re (Ra) — Energy of Light.

Ba-means "soul."

Hence, T — Re (Ra) — Ba — is the energy of light that comes from the soul to the world of the gods and connects these worlds, transferring the energy of Love, Goodness, Power Showers Churam or those who directed energy.

Some words require may be associated with the word demand. This word Belarusian roots, "treba" — means necessary. There are days when there is a "feeding" the dead. This feature of the Belarusian culture, which is still performed. But these holidays is only intended ancestor worship, and requires its own peculiarities.

Ceremony of "feeding" the ancestors stands, sort of like a sacrifice, a sign of gratitude to our ancestors. The essence of our energy in the transmission (through Trebnje offerings), and possibly in the request for the most cherished. Require much stronger if the person knows the family tree, so you can refer to a specific ancestor with the request, which may help.


Stadium — a place where the rite. It is called the sanctuary, it is specially equipped for the ceremony on the place of power. Light-Sche — light amplification. You can make the altar-Trebische, which will bring a certain required. On the altar to put Ohnište required where the fire with the transformation of energy. Can be made on Trebische altar where sacrifices will bring bloodless considered gifts for the forest spirits.

The Slavs, demands were offered to the gods and ancestors, Schuram and simple souls of people who live in the Manifest. The moment they get the energy that comes from our heart. Treba filled our strength and the fire, during the ceremony, sent to those who need it.

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