Americans demand that Obama information about UFOs

February 13, 2013 0:38

Americans demand that Obama information about UFOs

Since the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama has launched an online service We the People, there came more than 140,000 petitions, including the curious. So, Americans need to declassify information about contacts with aliens, to acknowledge the existence of Bigfoot, and even build a spacecraft, an analog cult "Death Star."

As for the aliens, then the request on to state the facts related to their presence in the world and the impact on our civilization, the U.S. government responded as follows: "We have no credible evidence of the presence of extraterrestrial life on the planet."

Experts believe that it is unlikely to be granted and the petition, which the authors call for the recognition of Bigfoot, Yeti or endangered species and to provide him protection, prohibiting killing and hunting of these creatures. True, this appeal has gained just over a thousand votes.

Failure to obtain and the requirement to fund the creation of military spacecraft, like "Death Star" from "Star Wars," to attack other planets. Although treatment has collected nearly 35,000 signatures, it was answered, that is, first, very expensive (such an enterprise would cost about 850 quadrillion dollars), and secondly, the U.S. plan to destroy the other planets, finally, the project just makes no sense, since such a ship can be easily shot down the enemy, as, indeed, is what happened in "Star Wars."

Why people are hoping that the government would do such fantastic things? Because in real life we do not have enough miracles, consider professional psychologists.

"Magical thinking was typical of the man for tens of hundreds of thousands of years — says Ilya Shabshin psychologist. — Our thinking, modern and rational, based on scientific knowledge about nature, about the world, at best a few hundred years. So in we still live a magical world view. "

This explains the belief that has no rational reinforcement. For example, while about aliens speak very much, they are officially no one to contact did not enter, and no one hundred percent proof of their stay on the planet has not yet found. Mysterious yeti too no one has yet caught, and it is possible that in this case we are talking about well-known subspecies of animals.

Incidentally, in the supernatural powers of animals in varying degrees, believe almost anything. For example, the Russians believe that their cries cuckoo can predict how long a person would live. In the U.S. and Canada, there is a special holiday — Groundhog Day, which is celebrated on February 2. If you get out of the groundhog burrow, sees his own shadow and hide back — winter will last another six weeks. If the animal is safely choose from a hole and sees his shadow, then spring will come early. A famous octopus Paul became famous, allegedly predicted during the World Cup in 2010 the outcome of all matches involving the German national team and prophesy Spanish title. Of two boxes of food and the flags of the opposing teams, Paul chose one — which was the flag of the winning team of the future.

As suggested by the famous ethologist and animal psychology Andrew Neuronov, nothing particularly wonderful in the fact that the animal to predict the weather, no. "This is all happening because it includes certain natural biological mechanisms, — he says. — You can not say that the animal feels something. This is the result of natural selection, which has led to the fact that the ability to properly respond to certain seasonal phenomena entrenched at the genetic level. "

Neuronova colleague, psychologist Alice Kalistratov, sees faith in the "animal predictors" legacy of paganism, which was characteristic of the so-called "totems." "Appease evil spirits, or make friends with the good — a desire to have pagan roots, and it still lives in us", — she said. However, according to psychologists, our smaller brothers are really able to anticipate the various natural phenomena — such as storms or earthquakes … But how could an octopus to predict the outcome of football matches, the experts to comment and could not. Maybe it's just coincidence?

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