An hour and a half on the sun-power flash

Solar flares

Scientists say that the sun continues to gain new activity in the 11-year cycle

Following a series of outbreaks that hit Earth powerful solar flux about two weeks ago, on February 24 Space Solar Observatory Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded another violent eruption hot solar plasma and the ensuing stream of charged particles, said

As reported by the NASA, three days before the device SDO recorded a new outbreak of the M-Class and a capacity of 3.6 points. A huge wave of hot gas plasma ejected from the surface of the sun for 90 minutes.

According to experts, the camera apparatus SDO remove surface lights in super fine format SuperHD, so there is an opportunity to review the release in detail.

Experts say that this time, this release of the plasma was not aimed at Earth, so the planet because this is not expected to release any major magnetic disturbances and noise.

On the subject:

NASA astronomers managed to shoot a powerful solar flare, which lasted about 90 minutes.
Flash is accompanied by the release of plasma and giant fountains of hot gas.


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