Andrew Rosinskiy — about five tourist knigaadrasov Minsk


The first Ming address, of course, Nyamiha.

"At the head Nemige spread out sheaves
Damask threshed with a flail,
life is put on the current zlyutsela,
veyut soul from the body.
Nemiga bloody beach … "

"The Tale of Igor's Campaign"
— Perhaps the medieval work, perhaps — a brilliant fake. But I would like to draw attention to another story.

Pavel Morozov — and his book "I was not. Reflections on the ruins of the person ". book "I was not. Reflections on the ruins of the person ". This paradoxical thinking, in particular, and on the "Nemiga bloody beach." Akudovich reinterprets these shores.

This paradoxical thinking, in particular, and on the "Nemiga bloody beach." Akudovich reinterprets these shores.

I must say, with the "magic" address is the same as with the Chinese characters: the meanings and stories resonate. The same place can be read quite differently.

NOT withdrawal another address — Freedom Square, on-site re-built hotel "Europe". It is connected with Vincent Dunin-Marcinkiewicz. And, more precisely, with his work "Peasant Woman". Known later name "Idyll". The music for this opera written Stanislaw Moniuszko, one of the main roles — Nahum saying — played himself Dunin-Marcinkiewicz.

And played — in Minsk theater, which was located in Liberty Square. This firm survived the war — and was destroyed recently — in 1984. What caused the — unheard of for Soviet times — the youth protests, which then stood at the origins of the BPF. But this is recent history.

The third address — Street Bogdanovich, in front of the Opera House.

I mean, not a monument to Maxim Bogdanovich, though its establishment and carrying on their own interest. Now the monument looks at home — more precisely at the spot where stood the house where he was born author "Wreath".

But now I want to focus not on the excellent book, and on the same street. In Soviet times, it had the name of Maxim Gorky. In this game, the names have their own tribal intrigue. The future Belarusian poet Maxim Bogdanovich and proletarian writer Maxim Gorky were relatives. Father Maxim — Adam Ye, married second wife and sister wife of Maxim Gorky.

The circumstances of the marriage — and what happened next — a continuous series of Latin American, tactfully described Semen Bookchin in the second issue of biographical almanac "Personality and Time".

But let us address the fourth — at the cinema "pioneers." Saturated with literary allusions address. On the one hand — on the house is now a plaque — a time lived Vladimir Karatkevich.

On the other hand — lawn near the presidential administration. There was a blown home of the writer, the former estate of Victor Yancheuski. It was there "has not collected the bones Gauleiter," writes Franz Witcher Lysagorski (aka Neil Gilevich) — in"A Tale right Bald Mountain". On raskidanne gavlyaytaravyh seed Elena has published a book of memoirs Mazanik. Book "Revenge", There were two editions. (Imagine the administration of President inherit the territory — where the popularly-elected head of the Hitler-undermine the mine in his own bed!)

But the most interesting literary work of this topaz — a book of lies and Francis Martin Jura "Ghosts and monsters of Belarus". Legend "Gavlyaytar and maid." However, in "ghost" there are other Minsk address: Komsomol lake with tsytsastay mermaid building Belarusian television station (phantoms and fornicators added).

However, the whole address book is "Damavikameron" Adam Globe. Rapist like "Central" supermarket and a movie theater. Git with cut nails, which he wants to sleep in student food, wanders Troiza. Lustful passion fishmonger quenches the store "Ocean". And what happens in the Park and near the swan Chelyuskintsev rate in the Botanical Gardens — better, in general, be quiet!

And everywhere — brownies, knower sutarenniki sinners, boyfriend and a mermaid. And every creature — its Minsk address.

Do not look dangerous literary addresses — and you will find it! Play the classics of the places — it's less dangerous and more interesting!


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