Around SP-40 in the Arctic formed many cracks, no threat

Around drifting research station "North Pole-40" (SP-40) in the Arctic, some days there is an increased formation of cracks appear hummocks of ice, but the threat to the base camp to the ice yet, the press service of the Arctic and Antarctic Scientific Hydromet Research Institute (AARI).

"The ice core, where the station is located, it's okay, nothing extraordinary happened — everything is in place, do not split off. Cracks directly at the camp there, but the situation around the station is really complicated — there is hummocking. However, such processes this time of year, are characteristic of this sector (Arctic) ", — told RIA Novosti the head of the High-Arctic expedition Vladimir Sokolov AARI.

Falcons ensured that the station staff performs routine research completes the deployment of special programs and testing equipment, and there is no cause for alarm about the integrity of the strong underlying ice.

The station continues to drift in an underwater lifting Alpha (large volcanic ridge on the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, between the Canada Basin and the Lomonosov Ridge), the coordinates of the SP-40 is 86 degrees north latitude and 137 degrees west longitude.

Since the opening of the station (36 days) of its general drift up 273.6 kilometers. At the end of October in the drift region came polar night. The highest temperature recorded at the station, minus 11.5 degrees Celsius and the minimum — minus 35 degrees.

Scientists on the ice continue to standard meteorological observations, for the past week are seven temperature and wind soundings of the atmosphere and ocean soundings six unit SBE 19 Plus. Also in early November, was conducted sampling zooplankton. Continuing and hydrographic work: Done about 36 linear kilometers route sounding, being evaluated exactly GLONASS satellite navigation system at high latitudes.

High-latitude sea expedition "Arctic-2012" to land a JV-40 was organized AARI and began on September 8. Scientists have been working for a month at high latitudes on the nuclear icebreaker "Russia", belonging to FSUE "Rosatomflot" state corporation "Rosatom". NP-40 was opened on 1 October at 85 degrees north latitude and 143 degrees west longitude.

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