As civilization crumble

For centuries, people and cultures flourished and sliding into chaos on the basis of the same certain principles. In some cases, the period of this majestic and terrifying extinction stretched for centuries (as in the case of the Roman Empire), others — took a few years (the first comes to mind is the example of the Soviet Union). But in such instances of social destabilization danger signs manifested long before the finals, some of which were specific to a particular culture, some — common to all.One of the most persistent and frightening features common to all nations crumbling — is consuming people's belief that they live in some way 'beyond' need to worry. Each self-destructive community begins to consider himself in some way immune. Each country considers itself apex of human development, only to once again find that forgetting or subverting the principles of freedom and the cornerstones of conscience, intelligence, and wisdom — they are just another track on the sand in a string of stories of other tracks.

In general, a large and unpleasant history of such collapses can be represented as a series of turning points: points at which the ideals and opposition forces outweigh the prevailing mechanisms of the system, completely changing it.

Some of these events led to an era of amazing insights and political progress, such as in the years following the American Revolution. Others led to the formation of dark and mindless collectivist nightmares that blanketed the minds and hearts of the people, what has happened, for example, after the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. The difference — the focus of attention. Imperialist (elitist) ideologies were considered unacceptable in both revolutions, and the flow of both conflicts tended to quite different values. Individual freedom in the West, and collective security, and self-sacrifice in the East. In America, the uprising led by ordinary people, and the goal was clear. In Russia, the uprising led by elitists pretending to be ordinary people, and the purpose was unclear. In America, the public took on the role of arbitrators and political strategists. In Communist Russia bo? Most of the people did not pay attention to this responsibility, and was easily prone process. Two revolutions in the name of ending tyranny with two entirely different planned results …

I picked up two of these opposing paradigms not to ignite the flames of another endless debate about the benefits of communism over capitalism, but in order to highlight the growing threat of a new type of revolution in America today, the signs of which are already burst to the surface, and which can easily lead to one of the two previous results. Today, perhaps more than at any other time in recent memory, centralist and statist ideology faced with individualistic and constitutional appeals to sanity. Voltage increases, and any spark could give rise to a fire. Social indicators, even more so than the economic point to the emergence of conflict and widespread system failure. The question of "What if?" Regarding civil disobedience and inevitable force the Government's response is not raised. Today on the agenda but the question "When?"

Predict the exact time of the turning point is impossible, but there are indicators that this may indicate, the social and political trends that should be recorded and studied. An analysis of the changes that have taken place in a variety of nations and cultures for thousands of years of human history, we can speak of a certain pattern of events. And the symptoms are similar to the pattern that manifests itself in our day, not to be taken lightly …

The heyday of moral relativism

Innate conscience is an important part of the mechanism of a healthy society. When this part is destroyed, entire institutions are crumbling and people die. As history shows us, such an outcome is inevitable. Cynics, often based on very limited understanding of the processes of mass and individual psychology, tend to confuse the word "conscience" with the concept of taboo. Taboo — is a moral law, created by people, and used primarily as a method of social control by the oligarchy and the various groups. Conscience is not created by man, it is an inherent internal process arising out of the unconscious, which originate from the true honor, compassion, and sincerity. Conscience is intuitive, not intellectual product. Moral relativism, in turn, is a kind of emotional inhibitor which allows people to mechanize the process of thought, and rationalize any activity no matter how dubious — as long as this activity is considered from a logical point of view. Logical, and therefore — Limited …

What is interesting, there are some types of mathematical calculations, which represent a false conclusion as true, and exactly the same methods of fuzzy logic are constantly used to achieve moral relativists "visibility" reasonableness of his arguments. But intellectual infallibility is not worth much without the aid of experience, feelings, and inspiration. Culture, have renounced the guiding lines of conscience always found themselves victims of the collapse, whether economic or political. Any disaster becomes possible when lost the ability to feel yourself to be the victim of his actions.

Substitution of cultural diversity

A society that supports a semblance of order by substitution or marginalization of certain belief systems or political beliefs — the self-destructive by its very nature. For the progress and development of the pluralism of ideas is necessary. Ideas to? Lzhno exist on their own grounds, and they should not become victims of an elite minority, or, in some cases — the ignorant majority. Strong and meaningful ideas must be allowed to grow stronger, while a bad idea screened and must be left behind. This is achieved through the mechanism of an open debate. Suppression of debate, whether by force or concealment leads to the inability of people to form a true identity. Forced consensus does not lead to stability and to madness.

Phantom rather substantial

Being abstract, people lose control over what happens. A nation that is concerned with its immediate desires, as opposed to taking care of your future, is unable to act in their true long-term interests. Distractions can take many forms, from the low-brow entertainment, to disinformation, war, or economic instability. While people are more than capable of creating their own diversion, governments often lends them a helping hand in this to distract the masses from participation in decision-making. This includes for example the destruction of the educational system of choice and / or the whole of the education system as a whole.

You will notice that almost every time the collapse of our time, citizens are surprised and shocked despite numerous and easily identifiable signs of danger. You may also notice that stunned society usually configured in any way to avoid involvement in the operation of the system in which they live. They were caught by surprise because, in the end, they felt much more comfortable turning a blind eye to detail. Comfort for the price always ends in the destruction of vigilance.

When the rule of law becomes tyranny

The law — at least not yet complied with some of the basic principles — there to protect the citizens, along with officials from inappropriate actions and accusations. At best, the law protects us from our own folly, which may include a tolerance of mismanagement. In the worst case — the law is no longer a tool for protecting the public from error and malice, and instead used as a tool of oppression.

When culture exalts the law and begins to worship him in opposition to his own conscience, abuse of law in the interests of control are inevitable. The law is not wise of our hearts, but many communities have been involved in the past to follow immoral laws under the guise of "civic duty." When the law becomes infallible status, insecure governments become godlike, but no nation can not maintain such a state of megalomania though a little long, without being a victim of disaster.

The strength of the argument instead of

In the domestic political environment force is used only in two cases: when the power structure collects or maintains its power, if fear and misinformation is not enough, and when the protest society tries to correct errors of the government, and of reason is ignored. The people, led by dishonest people — is already a candidate for a devastating collapse, but when despots to use violence to stop up dissatisfied, you can be sure — the conflict is not far off. Level of such tension is easily distinguishable by the military presence of the federal forces in public buildings, roads, and even in residential areas. The constant presence of the army in the country, regardless of the alleged explanation — is a recipe for conflict, which extends far beyond the much more fixable effects of financial distress, and right in the realities of a long and vicious war.

False paradigm and imaginary enemies

The country is on the verge of chaos is usually crowded with people who are not looking for easy answers, but someone who can be blamed. This need for "justice" can easily be directed to a false target, which could lead to the projection of our own fears on any innocent people. The collapse is often accompanied by a large wave of attacks directed generally to groups with beliefs opposite beliefs of the majority. Political parties are turning into factions. Ideals become a battle cry. The thirst for revenge takes over. All the while, the true culprits (who are generally not part of either side) sit back, relax, and incite the community to each other. Furious people — it is easy to control the people. Divided and weakened, such systems gradually degrade, while the real source of the problem remains hidden.

Despair and loss of will

Nation on the verge of slipping into a full-scale destruction, as a rule, and so are not particularly cheerful, but when desperation forces restrict personal freedoms in the name of so-called "security", it leads to increasing avalanche of regret and an irrepressible need for compensation in the form of moral relativism. No matter what the status of the nation and its people, the will to move forward and to act in the name of a better future can and do change everything. The days of the black horror and the worst of omens — nothing compared to the ability of man to overcome anything, if he cares about the truth. None is not an insurmountable obstacle. No enemy is not invincible. But when that will be lost, and lost everything. Concentration and frequency of the above elements can easily specify the time when the country will be on the way to collapse. America today has many of these diseases, in one stage or another, and in some areas has already surpassed all known historical precedents for creating unrest had never before seen scale. At the moment, more and more people joined the protests, but the focus of their attention was shifted from the elite (top bankers and globalists) who deserve the greatest portion of the people's anger. Too long we have allowed deviations remain uncontrolled, and the reluctance of arbitrarily delineated sides (false Left and Right wing) to reconcile, at least until the larger threat persists, directs our country on the road to the depths of horror with which we are unable to cope. Such a loss has occurred before, and with courage, understanding, and persistence, we also overcome the consequences of the past. The choice is ours. And always has been.


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