Asteroid (if it was he) not only killed the dinosaurs

December 12, 2012 16:07

Predatory lizard Palaeosaniwa pursues couple edmontozavrov. For watching a snake chasing Cerberophis and "presidential" lizard Obamadon. (Image Carl Buell.)

It is believed that the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction that occurred 65 million years ago, dinosaurs exterminate, but mostly spared other reptiles. Far from it. Nicholas Longrich of Yale University (USA) and his colleagues concluded that disappeared about 83% of lizards and snakes.

This is certainly not a sensation, rather the opposite: now dying is more consistent, since it is difficult to imagine a disaster that could destroy the dinosaurs, leaving a reserve of snakes and lizards. It is impossible to wipe out the dominant predators and herbivores, without causing ecosystem destruction on a massive scale.

Whatever was the primary cause of extinction — the fall of the meteorite in Mexico or prolonged volcanism in India — before the cataclysm of snakes and lizards feel great (as opposed to gradually declining dinosaur) in the fossil record recorded 27 species of lizards, and three — snakes. After a disaster, survived only five species, with most of the missing disappeared from the annals of a sudden.

If, indeed, the atmosphere has faded from the gas, dust, ash, and most of the plants died, the grazers were to follow their example, and then went to all predators. It is likely that the relatively painlessly from the Cretaceous period came only scavengers and animals to hunt them. This means that, when everything started to fall down dead, came the flowering of beetles, worms and larvae. And last, most likely, have been food for the survivors.

Mr. Longreach believes that his group obtained results agree with the meteorite hypothesis, despite the recently introduced, it would seem ample evidence in favor of the volcanoes.

It should be noted that the authors rely heavily on data from North America, but serves as its findings worldwide. Indeed, if the extinction was because of a meteorite impact in Mexico, then the dust has eclipsed the sun, and the bulk of the disappearance was to take place in America. But we have to prove that the same thing happened in other parts of the world.

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