Astrakhan history or heritage of their ancestors

Over the past 20-30 years, all those interested in ancient culture and traditions of the Slavic people it became clear that the official story is false.
This is evidenced by numerous archaeological finds unearthed Slavic cities, etc. For example, current and former Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Urals in Arkaim, was surprised by what he saw, but quickly forgot it all. And this is just one example.

Another example on many maps of the atlas «Theatrum Orbis Tenarum» large Dutch publisher cards of his era William Blau Janson (1571-1638), the south we see the inscription Tobolsk district, "Cossack Steppe Horde. In the lower reaches of the Don and Kuban — The Cossacks of Kuban — the Tartars. Near Astrakhan, and to the south-west of Astrakhan — Cossacks Tartars. East of the Caspian Sea and on the territory of the so-called Kazakhstan — Cossacks Tartars. " With the same names there are maps of Guillaume Delisle (1675-1726), the Parisian cartographer student Cassini, the first geographer of the king, which were published setter Mathias (1678-1757), and then re-released by Peter van der Aa (1713 — 1730).
But why did the Kuban Cossacks and Astrakhan on European maps called Tartarus? Let us turn to our ancient wisdom — the Vedas. The Slavs were and are their native gods — Tarkh (Dazhbog) and his sister, Tara. "Due to the fact that the Goddess Tara, along with her older brother tarhi Dazhbog guard Belovodye boundless land and the Holy Race, these territories are called lands Tarh and Tara, ie Great Tartary. In addition, the North Star in Slavic and Aryan peoples was named in honor of this beautiful Goddess — Tara. "(Slavic-Aryan Vedas that. 3). In addition, in Siberia was built in ancient times, the temple complex of Goddess Tara, now — Okunevo (Omsk region). It also includes Tara River and the city of Tara. In other Slavic lands — Serbia and Montenegro, as there is a river Tara. There are ancient maps, confirming all of the above. Furthermore, it is the grandmother of the great Russian poet M. Lermontov also called Tarkhan.
In our ancient literature — Karuna (Hariyskie Rune) Rune has Tarkh (Dazhbog). "Rune Tarkh, sound value: T shaped: Give-God Tarkh Perunovich" Spas Rod Swa — Ta — Races. By gifting your-blood-tion Svarog children and all — Go — Rod Not — Imp — Navo. He is the son and grandson of Perun of Svarog. Bestower tacos also rain, so rich was the harvest. -Give glory to God!
So Cossacks Tartars, this Slavic clans who worship their ancestral Gods Tarh and Tara-Tap-Tara.
Thank the gods and the ancestors of ours. Summer 7520.
"Fact and compromising» № 14, 05/05/12

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