At an abandoned landfill Pskov region found huge snakes



Villagers Verbilovo that under Pustoshka (Pskov region) are not met in the forest with huge reptiles — up to 4 meters in length. And recently, young men managed to kill one of the reptiles. Photo killed zmeyuki suspended on a tree, appeared in the social network. There is a heated debate: photomontage not it?

— No, these snakes really creep out there, and the locals do not see them again — said executive secretary of the newspaper "Forward" Lyudmila Trofimov.


— If leaving Pustoshka turn right, you can get an abandoned landfill, where locals gather mushrooms and nuts. There they encountered these mutants. They say that this is definitely not snakes — no yellow circles on their head is not visible.

Details Lyudmila promised to announce on Thursday — then it will have a meeting with a young man who had killed the snake. Currently, he is rarely seen at home in connection with the onset of the busy season for harvesting berries and mushrooms.

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