At the rover broke wind sensor


This breakage was the first technical malfunction of the device, which is more than two weeks on Mars. On Mars rover Curiosity there were serious problems with one of the sensors are responsible for gathering information about the weather conditions on the surface of Mars, reports the BBC. In NASA problem is called significant.

"We are working to restore the functionality of the sensor as possible," — said Javier Gómez-Elvira, a member of the mission NASA.

Even in the broken state of the sensor will continue to collect information, but maybe it will provide some degraded form. Experts still do not know for what reasons it was damaged. According to the assumptions of the first engineers to blame for failure of rocks on the surface of the planet, scattered rocket engine during landing Curiosity.

Recall that on Sunday Curiosity has successfully tested a laser to vaporize the Martian rock to study its chemical composition. Curiosity was the purpose of the stone in Gale Crater, 3 meters from the landing site. The laser gun was able to burn a small piece of the surface of the stone, making about 30 shots at intervals of 10 seconds. This is the first use of such a laser power on another planet.

From the moment when the mobile science lab, which cost $ 2.5 billion, landed on Mars was more than two weeks. The purpose of the device, which is a stand-alone chemical laboratory, is the search for traces of life on the planet, and the study of its geological history. Also with the help of scientists are going to determine whether there was a thick atmosphere on Mars with a high water content.

After sending the Mars Curiosity NASA decided to send to the Red Planet also rig. On this mission agency will allocate $ 425 million. The probe is planned to start in March 2016. Martian geophysical station will study the internal structure of the planet, its core and crust, measure the temperature in its interior and seismic activity.

Alexander Dmitriev


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