At the supermarket, the invisible wound?

March 21, 2012 22:16

Strange phenomenon managed to shoot on a surveillance camera in a supermarket IGA in Adelaide (USA). With shelves cluttered with products like something from whose strong push came off almost a meter box of chocolates.

In this case, none of the people were not there, because it was night, and the guard was at the store a few meters from the shelves, and was quite surprised to see a melted to the floor in a completely empty box pass. When viewing the video shows clearly that the box does not fall by itself (as if she had suddenly lost her footing), and flies off to the side under the influence of some external force.

Jokers in the comments to the video offer to call for help ghost hunters or famous Winchester brothers from the popular series "Supernatural." Some suggest the rally.

The shop owner Norm Hurst (Norm Hurst) to write off all poltergeist, because the purchase of the building former owners warned him that there are strange things happen. True if Hirst did not attach any importance.

Director of the local Bureau of Investigation Paranormal Adelaide Paranormal Detectives Pulvirenti Jessica (Jessica Pulvirenti) also believes that it smells like the antics of the invisible ghosts. At present, the building they want to record a background sound to detect electronic voice phenomenon, and maybe spend a rite of purification.

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