At the weekend humans can observe the starry show Orionids

October 20, 2012 4:15

Astronomers report that over the next weekend in the Northern Hemisphere will be seen Orionids meteor shower. According, meteor shower particles are of a size that they can be seen even in major cities. Usually, with the cities, such phenomena are not visible, prevents the electric light, but in rural areas, by contrast brightness, it looks much more convincing.

According to preliminary calculations of scientists, relatively large celestial body will enter the planet's atmosphere in 5 — 10 minutes.

Orionids are one of the meteor shower. These phenomena are due to re-entry of the particles traversing the comet. In the case of an expected stream of meteorites at the weekend, they are components of Halley's comet, which recently flew past Earth. Interesting observation scientists is that the orbit of the comet is so arranged that she is approaching the Earth is much less of its particles. In particular, the next meeting of the world with the famous comet is scheduled for 2062, but it causes meteor showers, "spilled" on the Earth twice a year — in early May and late October.

According to scientists, the intensity falling meteorites reach its peak at night from Saturday to Sunday. During this period, in the dense layers of the atmosphere will burn for about 20 — 25 meteors per hour. The best way to monitor the movement of the heavenly bodies will be distant place, devoid of artificial light in places you can watch full picture. Surveillance should start, roughly an hour — a half before midnight. After zero hour flow will slowly subside.

For right choice of position for viewing, astronomers recommend determine in advance the deployment of the world, because the meteors will fly from the West or East. On the ground it would seem that the arrows of meteorites ejected from Orion. Despite the absence of the possibility to the naked eye to see Halley's comet itself, the audience can be sure that they would go look in the direction of the constellation of Orion, it will automatically look at her orbit. In this perspective, meteor rain will be seen as well.

Analysts department "Science News" magazine Market Leader reported that meteor showers are not a rare phenomenon in the world. Within 24 hours of the surface decreases from 4 to 6 thousand meteorites of various sizes and weights, and the same is burned in the atmosphere. Some people fear the possible harm that may be caused to their property meteor shower. Experience is not necessary, so that the meteorite survived and reached the surface of the Earth, its mass when entering must be at least 50 tons. These celestial bodies are rarely part of the meteor shower.

Besides should not confuse the meteor shower and the meteor shower. Then what humans will be dealt with in the next few days, just a meteor shower, which reserves the comet. Meteor rain, is often formed in the atmosphere as a result of the destruction of a single large meteorite. Comets are composed of the same cosmic dust and ice, so that the parts do not represent any danger to the planet with a dense atmosphere.

Experts of the world's major observatories are preparing for a sleepless night that hold watching arrows meteorites burning in the skies of the northern hemisphere. Specialists will be a series of photos and videos, which will in the future closer to unraveling the mysteries of space and the study of the physical parameters of the universe.

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