Atyrau region locust attacks

Atyrau region attacked millions locusts. Pests have already reached the suburbs of the regional center. Insects literally besieged the house of villagers.

Phytosanitary in emergency mode started treatment in areas adjacent to Atyrau. At the same time, experts urge people not to panic.

Ruslan SHUGAEPOV, deputy chief of the Atyrau regional territorial department of the Ministry of Agriculture:
— Dangerous damage they cause since age 3. Now basically 3.2 age. We managed to hold processing. There was information that the cankerworm infests. But no crop there. There's only a cane. For residents of any danger locusts represents.

However, on the border with Astrakhan region because of the mass migration of locusts from Russia have announced a state of emergency. According to officials of the Department of Agriculture, in the Atyrau region locusts can spread to an area of over 33 hectares. On pest control from the state budget already allocated 25 million tenge.

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