Azerbaijani authorities released another blogger

A court in Azerbaijan today approved a request Emin Milli (Abdullayev) for early release. Yesterday, the day before, came to freedom convicted in the same case with him Adnan Gazhyzade. Two bloggers for whom stood up and Barack Obama have stayed most of the time.

Mile and Gazhyzade in his statements on the Internet actively criticized the ruling clan Aliyev. In the past year they have placed on the Internet so-called "Donkey press kanfentsyyu." In the video a man wearing a donkey suit, gave answers to questions. Parallel with the head of an ass was too obvious.

Soon, the young people were charged with disorderly conduct for what they allegedly beat two men in a Baku restaurant. The defendants argued that they were not attacked, and on them. However, the court sentenced the blogger to two and two and a half years in prison. Human rights activists have declared them prisoners of conscience. In calling for the release of bloggers on the Azerbaijani authorities addressed the OSCE, the Council of Europe and the U.S. president Barack Obama.

Gazhyzade, who, in a video played the role of a donkey, immediately after his release, began to demand their release mate. Today, the court vacated and Emin Milli, replacing him and balance due on probation. Behind bars bloggers spent more than a year. And the former appeal the verdict all the courts of Azerbaijan, including the Supreme Court rejected.

The journalists' questions whether he will continue to write blogs, Emin said: "I will continue to operate as before. I will record my thoughts, I will try to be helpful to our society. Continue blogging? Of course I will. Write, to express their opinions, distribute them. In today's world does everyone. "

Released yesterday blogger answered a similar question is the same: that is not going to change their lives and habits. Gazhyzade also said he was not going to go anywhere in the country.

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