Bakiyev is accused of mass murder

In society it is considering the case of a mass shooting of protesters during the events of April this year, which led to the overthrow of Bakiyev.

The trial former leaders of the country's new government accused of mass murder, coupled with abuse of office, held at the Palais des Sports of the capital of Kyrgyzstan. The defendants in the case are 28 people. Six, including ex-President Bakiyev, his younger and older brothers Janybek and Marat Bakiyev, and former head of the National Security Service Murat Sutalinov, prime minister Usenov, commander of the special forces of the Interior Ministry Service Esenbay Baiysh, are outside the country and charged in absentia.

According to the case file, Bakiyev is accused of being, which, together with his associates and relatives appointed to high office in the state in order to usurp power, he gave in April 2010 ordered the shooting of demonstrators in the central square of Bishkek at the government building. As a result of the deaths of 77 people, including two minors.

Organizer of the mass murder of protesters, according to investigators, was the younger brother of former President Bakiyev Janybek, who headed the State Security Service of the country.

The investigation claims that it was Janybek Bakiyev "gave the unlawful orders by walkie-talkie" sniper on the conduct aimed fire on unarmed citizens and "supervised the sniper teams."

April 7 crowd of protesters seized the building of the Kyrgyz government, which was defended by the State Security Service officers and men of the country's special forces "Alpha" national security. At the storming of the building in the central square of Bishkek, as well as during the riots in the capital, killing 90 people and 1.5 thousand injured. Power passed into the hands of a provisional coalition government consisting of the leaders of the opposition parties. Former President Bakiyev fled the country and sought refuge in Belarus.

Former President Bakiyev also accused of creating anti-constitutional state bodies and institutions such as the Central Agency for Investments and Innovations to the president, which was led by his younger son Maxim.

Bakiyev also charged that in March 2002, when he was the head of government, he has decided to conduct special operations force against protesters in Aksy district of Jalal-Abad region of the country, which led to the deaths of six people.

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