Before the 2012 election of Hugo Chavez may not live

Before the 2012 election of Hugo Chavez may not live

Not so long ago, Hugo Chavez president Venezuela made a statement that the cancer he is one hundred percent recovered. But some doctors say the policy environment of his illness in the near future only worsened. Chavez says professionals "can expect difficulties" with the participation in future elections. Maybe he did not live up to them, reports Wall Street Journal.

As told reporters the South American media some doctors, members of the entourage Hugo Chavez on the criteria of anonymity, the policy to be cured of cancer can not be called even a stretch. According to doctors, the cancer metastasized to the bone leaked Venezuelan president and may soon hit his brain. This information is confirmed by the report nedavneshnim Euro Intelligence Agency which was in order Wall Street Journal.

Representatives of Western intelligence agencies there are different versions of the disease, Hugo Chavez, from which he suffers. According to the views of some professionals, policy, contrary to his claims, is not suffering from cancer of the intestinal tract, and malignant prostate tumor or tissue sarcoma Myagenko. In any case, according to Dr. Alan Venuka of the California Institute of likely Hugo Chavez has even less time than he implies. Or wishes to imply to the public.

This view is shared by journalists and Huffington Post. The South American edition writes with reference to an article in Veja large Brazilian newspaper that one of Hugo Chavez made the spring operations in Cuba only aggravated his condition. Veja reported that Venezuelan President was treated in the same clinic, in which in 2006, "almost had ditched Fidel Castro." The Brazilian edition writes that after the incident, Chavez decided to take the survey only European professionals.

In Venezuela, the presidential elections should be held on October 7 next year. At first they were appointed in December, but Hugo Chavez decided to move them in the fall. The current president of Venezuela is in power since 1999.

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