Belarus to the WTO itself

This was on May 27 in Minsk by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Guryanov.

"We continue to dialogue with the WTO, we are preparing a series of new documents that requested the WTO Secretariat," — said Gurianov. He stressed that Belarus "Is not late in the process, as they say, some foreign partners."

On He said, taken a significant amount of work on the preparation of Belarus to join the WTO. There was a "certain point, when this work was halted, hello now it goes on."

This process can not be considered against the background of sustained that Russia is close to joining the WTO, said Gurianov. The planned entry of Russia into the WTO as a whole is important for Customs Union and for partners in this integration education.

"Everyone understands that the interests of Customs Union also have substantial weight. To let a participant in the WTO Customs Union and not to let the other participants — it would be unwise. Therefore, we hope that Russia's accession to the WTO, if it happens in the near future, will facilitate the early entry into this organization in Belarus and Kazakhstan, so that we in the common customs area were able to enjoy the same conditions that exist in the framework of the World Trade Organization, "- Gurianov said.

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