Belarusian art landing in Vilnius

Today in Vilnius, in the main exhibition hall at the Center for Contemporary Art, which is outside the German (Vokieciu, 2) the exhibition "The doors open? Belarusian Art Today." About says art historian Sergei Hareuski.

On actually, cultural exchange between Lithuania and Belarus recent years was very intense, but with his the local characteristics, due to the current political situation in Belarus. With one side — in Vilnius and Minsk have taken place and sizable official exhibitions at the international level, and on the other — to impose a number of private friendship and creative contacts outside officialdom, independent artists of the Belarusian underground — are frequent visitors in Lithuania. The daily reality of Belarus imposes significant limitations both political and financial, for our artists. Lithuanian and Belarusian creators interested in meeting. And because art in Belarus remains extremely relevant, free, forcing artists to expand their horizons, to invent new forms, to invent their own artistic language, rich in metaphor and allegory on.

The exhibition "The doors open? Belarusian Art Today "- the large-scale presentation of Belarusian contemporary artists in Lithuania. It showcases the work of artists living and working in Belarus and Belarusians living abroad.

The exhibition features works of Arthur Wedge, Alexander Komarov, Alexander Korableva Alexei Lunev, Igor Savchenko, Maxim Tyminko, Ruslan Vaskevics, Oleg Juska, Vladimir and Sergei Tsesler Voichenko, two art groups "affirmative action" Belarusian climate "and a dozen other authors is very famous in the world, and the very young …

There are a variety of diverse art forms and genres of modern art from photos to installations. This is a unique response to the semi-official independent creators of the exhibition "Land under White Wings", which still takes place at the National Art Museum of Belarus. A project of the Belarusian artists in Vilnius allows Belarusians have a look at my art on the side beyond the usual limits.

Most of the works in the project in one way or another affect the problems of the Belarusian society and its current concerns, but few artists dare openly to mention the things that are usually ignored, that is, open up a few doors. It's really a unique opportunity to see what it looks like in reality a modern, lively Belarusian art today.

The two halves of the Belarusian art community that exists on both sides of the Bug, prezentuyutstsa one project is not the first time, but the important point is that once this is as close to Minsk, Vilnius, in the beloved. Our artists living in the West, regularly visit Belarus, but they rarely get to present their work properly at home. In this context, Vilnius project, carried out in the country of the European Union, how many kilometers from the border of Belarus, is a place of unique encounters. Vilna meetings. Immediately host a conference roundtable and presentation of individual projects.

This great festival of Belarusian art in Vilnius was arranged Vilnius Contemporary Art Center in conjunction with the European Humanities University, with the support of the Government of Lithuania and the Swedish International Development Agency.

Igor Pashahonav, "Concrete Matter Memory", a photographic print, 2009

Alexei Shinkarenko polaroid cameras from low "Belarusian faktagrafiya", 2007-2010

Arthur wedges, photos of the low "Sun City", 2002-2007

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