Belarusian with a bullet in the chest recidivist thief arrested in Yalta

Belarusian tourists, three boys and a girl, in Yalta victims recidivist thief.


Hereby detective called Ukrainian media event to theft, chase and shooting in the resort village of Simeiz. Simferopol offender entered the apartment, rented Belarusians, and took out of her camera, money, and a few things.
Young people see the thief from the terrace, where dinner. When the robber jumped from the balcony and ran, the Belarusians were pursued. They almost caught up with the criminal, when he pulled out a gun and started shooting back. The bullet grazed the girl. 24-year-old Olga, despite a gunshot wound to the chest, delayed the villain: she admits did not realize that was seriously injured.

Olga, a tourist from Belarus:
The guys grabbed him, pinned to the ground, and then I realized that I had blood gushing out of his chest. I put a hand to his chest — the flow was such that the repulsive hands.
Woman hospitalized Yalta, where surgery. Olga was already discharged in satisfactory condition. She and friends returned to Belarus.
Igor Toschuk, senior investigator of the Yalta police department:
Penetrating injury, damage to the left lung. If it had not been delivered on time to a medical facility, there was a real threat to life.
Thief was a 26-year-old resident of Simferopol, which had been repeatedly prosecuted for robbery. For attempted murder and robbery and faces up to 15 years in prison.
Unfortunately, attacks on tourists are rare. The tragedy occurred yesterday, September 5, the French Lake Annecy. Police found near the lake, four bodies. Unknown tourist shot at close range from firearms.
As the representatives of the French police at the scene found a wounded 8-year-old girl who was taken to the hospital in critical condition, and her 4-year-old sister, hiding under the bodies of dead about eight hours. The older girl was operated on, doctors say her life is not in danger, according


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