Black loggers cut down trees in the Angara region of 90 million rubles

 Irkutsk police defused several brigades "black lumberjacks," cut the tree down to the amount of 90 million rubles, said Glaucus regional Interior Ministry on Tuesday.

Large-scale illegal logging found in the area of Nizhneilimskiy Monday. "The police have identified several illegal logging, totaling more than 8000 cubic meters of wood. Confiscated seven tractors, 12 chainsaws. On suspicion of involvement in illegal activity detained 17 citizens" — to be confirmed in a release.

Operatives establish outlets for wood and trying to identify the organizers of the business. Filed several criminal cases on illegal cutting of forest plantations. This article of the Criminal Code provides for up to six years in prison.

News of the capture of the "black lumberjacks" come from the rich valuable timber Angara regularly. So, a week ago the Interior Ministry announced the identification just in Nizhneilimskiy area in Zheleznogorsk forestry, illegal logging by 13 million rubles. The police was on the trail of the suspects, but the detention is not reported.

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