Box for votes

From the diary of Stephen Mueller, a long-term observer of the presidential elections in Belarus

November 10

Local residents are divided into two parts: one likes to call himself "Bulbash" and would gladly drink vodka with the inscription, the other is deeply outraged and emotionally hurt. They protest that it is a colonial name that emphasizes stararezhymnym, even the king's mark "b" at the end of words on the label, they write statements to the court, but they did not work. I guess the judges did not have anything against the "Bulbash" on personal experience convinced me that vodka relishes, although I like the snaps, I-I.

The same can be said about the attitude of local people for the elections to count the votes, to the boxes with the ballot papers. And here, I think, much separation that existed at one time, the western part of the country and to the east, as until recently had been cut and our dear Germany. But the comparison is inaccurate. Let me explain: if the eastern Belarusian typically indifferent to the ballot boxes, the West sometimes grumble want transparent — so you can see — what is inside and how they explain. We have the opposite — the Westerners do not pay any attention to the boxes, they are accustomed to, that muhlyavats with ballots no one will, you can go to jail, a former gedeeravtsy ready to kiss the foam when they come to vote, they do not enjoy democratic elections. As they say, better able to enjoy the freedom of the one who did not have before.

November 14

Reinforced concrete wall of the local regime, as it seemed to some, given crack, it even grew tsyavinka — green delicate touch on the rough gray background. By the way: in this darkly uniform always looked East Berlin communists built up — if only faster and cheaper. Has international colleagues argue: the authorities admitted the possibility of the existence of transparent ballot boxes, but in theory, it is clear, but the fact that some praised as a sign of a thaw, climate change within the regime who persistently practicing the orders of the Cold War. Optimists argue that it is the undoubted progress that water wears away the stone, and that if allowed to go, then fifty years the electoral process in the Republic of Belarus finally come closer to European standards.

I myself something tormented, sad, like a nail in his shoe. Thus, the regime has given permission to some election commissions told the newspaper that lifted the taboo on the topic of plastic boxes in the presidential election. "Neman true," for example, even put words chairman of the committee, who said that "encourages the use of plastic boxes, but they are not available", so no sense, "waving his arms," he joked. The newspaper also joked, making the title "Transparent boxes will be a gift." I do not know — what to think, what to assess? On the one hand, the president of the commission for saying earlier would finally arrested. So — there is progress. However, now without permission from above he would also sit as the water in the mouth, said nothing, "the young man in the interrogation" by the Gestapo, which had written their Belarusian classic.

November 15

Reporters "Neman truth" found at a local factory of plastic products that workers want to work and are willing to make some plastic ballot boxes — only ten euros per share. The newspaper also pulled out of the government that the electoral commission to have their needs for eleven hundred dollars. But the words "plastic box" is not in the electoral law, so all the talk about them — just amateur. To sum up: all the steps only is it possible to remember that without abuse "capitalist" boxes of ballots was not arrested after the head of the electoral commission and do not shut down the newspaper. Freedom one person, even if it is official, also weighs a lot, but if this is evidence of the democratization of presidential elections? Can the authorities and are waiting for me, the word "I," but I will answer all the same — "Nein!"

November 16

Local opposition talk about Styrofoam boxes caused a fragile hope. They began to figure out that you can collect the money and buy the modern boxes, it is quite inexpensive. I agree that the money is small: three bottles of "Bulbash" — that's the case, because there are so many mangled wood. And how many copies spoiled between Europe and the regime, who stated only over his dead body! But finally gave up. But is he really? In my opinion, he probably breaks the comedy fool heads an impressive Commissioner, so the Germans like me, for example. In vain, monkey efforts, we ate a dog in the modes of them to know.

Very sad cynicism. We Germans, too, were the first cynic, but we know that such remorse. And Belarusians remorse shock, anyway officials, especially those who organize this whole farce with simulated elections. Opposition members are willing to chip in on the plastic box, but there is no resolution, afraid to not planted. Officials are only chuckle, they tell us, and we send you the car of your evraskrynak, as we think, will do the examination, because it will be considered as humanitarian aid, and with it we strictly that no dyversyi …

Some are laughing in the eye if you are there in your Brussels is so important that we have replaced their reliable on others, let's installment and we'll buy them from you, we do not need handouts. This is one. Second, we are strictly for chemical products to no harm to the health of the electorate, you are now all hands Asians do we need quality certificates ahead! Third, according to the law, the box should be made of natural material, we still can not agree on the glass, but who can guarantee that it is not broken, do not violate the secrecy of the vote?

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