BPF activists say fake, which is not noticed CEC

Veterans of the BPF reported dishonesty of some party activists while collecting signatures for a representative of Grigory Kastusiou and other candidates.

Information about hundreds of fake signatures came from a member of the BPF Yuri Palchevskogo, who referred to the verification of signatures in the election commission October district of Minsk:

"The fact that this is so, I have seen myself, some fakes was made absolutely mediocre. For example, these voters were written handle one color, date of signature — the second color, and the most signatures — a third color. "

According to a member of the election commission, questionable signatures were also collected for Statkevich and Dmitri Uss. Allegedly asking, or forged signatures, were also involved in police-grafolyagi, and this information could not reach the Central Election Commission, but ultimately Gregory Kastusyou, Nikolai Statkevich and Dmitri Uss were registered as presidential candidates.

These voters were recorded by a pen of the same color, the date of signature — the second color, and the most signatures — a third color.

Author Yuri scandalous information Palchevskiy November 24, refused to comment for this story for Radio Liberty, citing the fact that his information regarding signatures for Gregory Kastusiou intended for intra-party use. The second party activist who did not want his name was called, confirmed that Yuri Palchevskiy published his findings in the Diet after the registration of the party Grigory Kastusiou and other candidates. According to this source, some party activists advocated that now that the scandal is not blowing, and understand with all the election.

Other members of the BPF, however, believe that the conviction "Counterfeiters" deserve now. Lyudmila Belohvostova with his girlfriend personally checked the information on the signature gatherers allegedly collected Lina Kasyanyuk:

"We have called Natalia Kachanovskii to this woman, Lina Kasyanyuk, which through year will be 80. She was shocked by the information that she allegedly collected 800 signatures. By the way, among these signatures is name of my mother, and my signature is at the other garbage. "

Lyudmila Belohvostova accuses new, "young" party leadership BNF nyadobrasumlennastsi. As an activist said, "the party Tkachev, Pozniak, Nikitchenko" this could not happen, so the veteran BNF thought about his membership in the party.

The presidential candidate of the BPF Gregory Kastusyou commented on the scandal with the signatures:

"I do not even know what and comment. Earlier there were-there were up to me, persuaded to withdraw. Then he said — let's settle the issue amicably, others had different suggestions. Now, members of the Belarusian Popular Front party, who were in the initiative groups of candidates, otherwise approach the issue. Everything is done to discredit the candidate of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front, people spend their 30 pieces of silver "- said Gregory Kastusyou and named a particular candidate for president, who supposedly" work "the authors scandal. As for authentic signatures, the information specified in the Jury Palchevskiy fake Kastusyou Gregory said: "With the signatures of the Diet were analyzed and understood."


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