BRYU against opposition candidates did not use now

The candidates for the president began the campaign in the regions. Provocations and interference from the government and pro-government organizations, as it did during the 2006 elections, they are not complaining.

In 2006, in Kobrin single presidential candidate from the opposition Milinkevich met an unfriendly power. For the election meeting he was offered a small room on the outskirts of the city, which could not get everyone, but the meeting itself prevented a group of young people from the Youth Union. This year, the presidential candidate of the United Civil Party, Yaroslav Romanchuk has at its disposal a luxurious hall of the Palace of Culture in the heart of Kobrin.

Romanchuk in Kobrin gave a better city hall — Palace of Culture

On the picket lines for Romanchuk in crowded places of the city police did not pay any attention — despite the fact that 5 years ago, they were guided by the principle of "no more than three to assemble" if it is not sanctioned by the authorities. Obvious progress and liberalization compared to the 2006 election — recognizes Yaroslav Romanchuk, who was the first of the candidates actively began a trip by region:

"Conditions certainly are the best. Here we stand here, no permissions are needed. Politely refer to me in college. Here we were at the Brest University, where in the last campaign Milinkevich generally not allowed on the threshold, and I went to the rector, gave her books to students … So today better conditions and more interest in what we offer. situation is more open and more optimistic. "

Obstacles to meeting with voters from activists and representatives of Belarusian Republican Youth Union vertically in this election, unlike the previous campaign, no. Traditionally, unless on a pre-election meeting of the officials come from the ideology of the candidate and ask uncomfortable questions.

Flyers opposition candidates on favorable places nobody touches

At the first meeting in Brest until there was excitement among voters, as it was in 2006. Perhaps this is because the campaign has just begun, recognizes Mr. Romanchuk.

But with regard to the liberalization of visiting candidates — this is only a formal sign is essentially the same impact on society of the authorities in the province have not changed, said trustee Romanchuk Oleg Korban, who took part in the presidential campaign of 2006:

Trustee Romanchuk Oleg Korban

"In Minsk, in any case, people have less to fear. They see a definite resolution on the activities of the authorities and the opposition are themselves more strongly. Prior to the regions, as can be seen, it does not quite get it.'s No such activity, there is still fear that society in the regions have not yet got rid of. "

At a pre-election meeting of Yaroslav Romanchuk in Kobrin came partly retired. The people who work, are afraid to go to a meeting with the opposition, because they think that they can lose their jobs, as happened with Alexander Fur, says local activist Roman Kuchma:

"And may dismiss, and the contract is not renewed. Anything can happen."

Mr. Kuchma himself in 2007, he took part in the local elections as an independent candidate. He says that until now, many of his friends are afraid to even talk to him.

In the province, more than people's dependence on government, stronger ukaranilisya and ideological stereotypes. A resident says Kobrin with Yaroslav Romanchuk:

"I'm all for Lukashenko."

Romanchuk: "But why?"

Pensioner: "Because retirement added, gives the time. Thankfully, the world is in us, sin is nothing. Now he led and will continue to lead. Retirement will add more …"

Romanchuk"You like my mother, saying that he will retire to pay. You do for your life have earned pensions for 75,000 dollars … That's not it gives you, not any other president, is that you get your money …"

Yaroslav Romanchuk agitating residents Kobrin

At the end of a conversation with a fan Lukashenko Yaroslav Romanchuk allegedly able to convince her. But these conversations have to spend millions, said Romanchuk. That's why his campaign has called the "Million handshakes."

A new member of the UCP Zahar Mikhalkin

The election campaign of 2010, like the previous one, called a policy of new young activists. One of them — the trustee Romanchuk Zahar Mikhalkin:

"I'm glad I became a member of the United Civil Party, and I see myself in the future as a productive worker. I want to change something in this country, because the totalitarian regime, which is now thriving — I disagree with him and I will do everything in I am required, and all that I can, that it was not. "

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