Buddhists find the reincarnation of Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs, who died of cancer in October 2011 at the age of 56 years, it turns out, did not die at all. And it's not that he will live long in the hearts of fans of products Apple.

According to Thai Buddhists, the spirit of Steve Jobs suffered a reincarnation, and now founder of Apple turned into a warrior-philosopher.

Recall that Jobs stuck to Buddhist beliefs. This religion businessman took in the early 1970s, during his trip to India, which went after leaving the liberal arts college in the United States. At home the next Jobs came back with a shaved head and traditional Indian clothes. Therefore, it is addressed to Buddhists recently by e-mail Apple engineer Tony Qiang with the question now is where is his former boss — Steve Jobs.

He soon received a reply, but in another way. Dhammakayya abbot of a Buddhist temple in Bangkok in a religious television announced today that Steve Jobs is still in Cupertino. But he was reborn as a warrior-philosopher, and most of the time in a mystical six-story Crystal Palace over his old office, according to The Wall Street Journal.

"After his death, Steve Jobs turned into a divine being with a special knowledge in science and art," — said in his Phra Cheybul telepropovedi which thankfully heard hundreds of thousands of Buddhists around the world.

According to him, this is not the first incarnation of Steve Jobs. In his past life he had already been in the body of the engineer who built the canals, and the architect who builds temples. And then he was born to be the head of Apple, which was the final step in front of a happy life in heaven.

Among other things, he said that now that Steve Jobs now has 20 true celestial servants who fulfill his every desire. And Jobs himself has become much younger and taller. Now he is about 35 years old, has a lush head of hair.

In his lectures Phra Cheybul even shows how the current Jobs, he accompanies his sermons drawings, which depict a young angel in the Crystal Palace.

But the idea of reincarnation Jobs besides hundreds of thousands of supporters there were also unhappy with the criticism, saying that the rector of the church so just decided to draw attention to themselves in order to increase their congregations and attract funding.

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