Calendar of the Maya gave a wise ruler with white shiny skin tall

For the Mayan people came wise ruler with white shiny skin tall, who invented writing and gave people the calendar.

Mayan calendar — is the most mysterious legacy that left modern humanity from the incredible advanced civilization of the ancient Maya. The date of its completion is December 21, 2012. On this day, over a great era of Jaguar, which lasts for five thousand years, and come the end of the world.

As the ancient documents say that after that day there was a great era of the White Jaguar, beginning years of death and destruction that will last as long as the update does not take place of humanity. Modern scholars on the basis of numerous studies have concluded that the day December 21, 2012 is very important in terms of astronomy and therefore not selected randomly.

The Mayan Calendar and the planets

In the winter of confrontation December 22, 2012 will astronomical event that happens only once every 25,800 years — our sun in the day will be on the lines of the mysterious energy center of the galaxy. With the phenomenon of modern human civilization will face in the first, and perhaps the last time.
The origins of the Mayan calendar counts from 13 August 3144 BC, that is still 2,000 years before the rise of the Maya civilization itself. According to ancient legends on this day on this planet by the will of the gods began a new era. The scientists collected and analyzed all the historical information that is associated with that date and their conclusions are stunning.
The beginning of human civilization
Since 3114 BC, the earliest start calculus dynasty of Egyptian pharaohs, the Americas began to grow maize, there was writing in Mesopotamia, and in the mysterious Stonehenge was constructed building, which resembles a space center. All this gives the impression that in 3114 BC, almost simultaneously in different parts of the world there was a global cultural revolution.
This cultural revolution just gave humanity new unseen knowledge, there has been an explosion in the development of civilization. Up to this time the development of man was going slow natural evolutionary path and suddenly there are new ideas, new knowledge. People began to build giant structures and erect a huge pyramid. The obvious question is where did the new knowledge?

Different versions of

Such an incredible quantum leap in human evolution did not go unnoticed scientists. Been many different hypotheses on the subject, there is even an absolutely incredible. But consensus on where and how did the Mayan calendar, and do not exist.
One of the most plausible version is that the Mayan calendar inherited from another, more developed and more ancient Olmec civilization. It is possible that it was created in 1300 BC, when the Olmec culture was at the peak of its prosperity.
Another version, the confirmation of which can be found in ancient records show that the people of the Maya came wise ruler with white shiny skin tall, who invented writing and give people the calendar. However, each version has a lot of questions that have no answers to.
Main mystery Mayan calendar, which consists in expiration date, can be solved pretty soon, it's not that much time left before the Dec. 21, 2012. As they say themselves Maya documents, this day will end the era of the Fourth Sun and begin the era of the Fifth Sun. Mankind face difficult times, but the era of the Fifth Sun, called the age of the White Jaguar, to restore the natural balance of the Earth and contribute to renewal of humanity.

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