Campaigning on the border: the border guards zvyshtsyarpimyya

A candidate for the presidency Yaroslav Romanchuk started his election campaign on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border. Near the border crossing "Tomashovka" he dug, and brought down the border post. During the day the candidate met with entrepreneurs in the markets, the voters of Brest.

Yaroslav Romanchuk stated that performance was organized near the border symbolizes the destruction of the old and the beginning of building a new life and a new country. He added that Belarus should be an open country:

"We testify that Belarus will now be based on European values. This is something that will give the opportunity for prosperity, European. And the next moment — Belarus must be a member of the European Union. Therefore, these boundaries and posts should peramyastsitstsa the East. And so we begin the campaign is here, in the Brest region. Indeed abroad in neighboring Poland, which has chosen the European direction, even wages have already reached a thousand dollars, but not as much as we have — 400. Therefore, we will build a new, retain the best. "

Belarus must be a member of the European Union. Therefore, these border posts should peramyastsitstsa and the East.

The border guards did not interfere when Romanchuk digging post, but consulted all the time to someone on the phone and warned that they have a right to check the documents of people who paid a visit to the border zone, requested accreditation for journalists:

"On the basis of the law of the Republic of Belarus, the border guard has the right to check the documents of those who visit the border zone. Also, we are wondering if you are accredited and are accredited journalists."

Documents nobody checked after telephone consultations border guards did not interfere.

After a performance at the limit of presidential candidate visited the sister of Soviet cosmonaut from Brest Peter Klimuk Antonin Snap from the village Komarovka:

"You know, I vote for your candidate still will not. So I will not say what you need, but only what I think. I am happy with the current situation, and I do not know anyone but the incumbent."

However, most of the villagers do not know the candidates, alternative Alexander Lukashenko and expressed satisfaction with the current situation:

I am happy with the current situation, and do not know anyone except for the incumbent head of state

"Politically, we are always very quiet. Everybody goes to the polls, nearly 100%. There are only a couple of people. But we know almost nothing about alternative candidates. This is very few people come."

During a meeting with voters Yaroslav Romanchuk said that the main task now is to convince the people that actually there is an alternative. Only in this way the voters will protect their votes on December 19:

"If people see and make sure that these candidates offer them the best of Belarus to join the democratic candidates are those who want changes in the economic and social aspects, I think it is much more people will be defend our victory, to defend democracy than it was in 2006. "

November 22 Yaroslav Romanchuk visit Kobrin.

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