Candidates begin campaign

From today, the candidates in the presidential elections begin campaigning. In fact, to convince voters they have exactly one month — until December 19, when the vote will take place. Only participate in the election of 10 candidates, including incumbent Alexander Lukashenko.

Campaign headquarters of the candidate of the United Civil Party Yaroslav Romanchuk has already prepared and handed over lists of the reservation requests for a meeting with voters. Simultaneously, the activists appealed to the staff of the bank with an application to open an account for donations and campaign in the print shop — with orders for the publication of pre-prepared leaflets.

Mister Romanchuk this Saturday is going to record on the radio, and on Monday he will be the first pre-election meetings in the regions.

The pre-election tour Romanchuk called "Million handshakes":

"We're starting to Brest, from the border with the West, and will be following" arrow "to go upstairs, to the north, in the Vitebsk region, to Verhnedvinskaja. This is such a symbolic arrow that would show that we are going to do in our country, and we want first of all to eliminate all borders to the West came to Belarus. This is such a character.'ll be visiting not only all the regional centers, but all of the city, where more than 50,000 people to make the most actively use every day. "

Mikhalevich the other day in the first place to solve organizational problems:

"I'm working on specific technical issues, printing materials, establishing a network of their distribution, and that going to do in the near future. Hopefully soon there will be tables for the election campaign of information that I can zaveshat their posters. Plus, I have to redraw its electoral timetable because that today it was said, when the record on TV, when the debate. Respectively these days fall out of my trips to the region. "

The first trip to the States in Ales Mikhalevich expected on Monday or Tuesday.

The candidate of the Popular Front Gregory castusin in the first place is going to agree on plans for the campaign with party members on Friday will be a meeting Justices on Saturday — Sojm BPF.

"We already have examples of posters and leaflets designed. My task as most, as to arrange meetings with the residents of cities, towns of our country. Meetings, meetings, meetings again."

Kastusyou Gregory says that he is interested to meet with voters and, together with the other candidates, including Alexander Lukashenko.

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