Candidates create campaign funds

Presidential candidates Nyaklyayeu and Vitaly Rymashevski set up their campaign funds.

BelaPAN reported in the headquarters of the candidates.

Imprint Fund Vladimir Neklyaeva:
account number 3014000000353 of "" Belarusbank ", code 795.

Imprint Fund Vital Rymasheuski:
account number 3014058650007 branch number 527 of "" Belarusbank ", code 254.

Purpose of payment: donation to the election fund of a candidate for the presidency of the Republic of Belarus Neklyaeva VP or Rymasheuski VA

Fighting fund Yaroslav Romanchuk:
account number 3014000002201, Dep. 514, 514 Branch, JSC "Belarusbank" MFO 614, the purpose of payment: payment to the election fund of Yaroslav Romanchuk.

Fighting fund Gregory Kastusiou: Account number 3014000000379 of "Belarusbank", code 795.

The sacrifice of a citizen can not exceed 10 basic units (350 thousand), A legal person — 30 basic units (1 million 50 thousand).

Allowed to make donations to election funds of candidates, foreign governments and organizations, foreign citizens and persons without citizenship, international organizations, organizations with foreign investments; citizens Republic of Belarus, under 18 years of age; public bodies and local self-government institutions, wholly or partially financed from the budget, charitable and religious organizations, an anonymous donor.

Whereas, by an anonymous benefactor understood the citizen who does not have a payment order for the donation of at least the following information: name, surname, first name, date of birth (day, month, year), place of residence, passport series and number. A legal entity is considered to be anonymous, if a document contains at least N of the following information: the payer account number, name, bank account number, address.


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