Children of the Great Bear


Everything in the world is in motion. Moving, interacting, elementary particles, molecules, planets, stars, solar systems, and even the universe itself does not rest in the infinite cosmos.

Stars appear to us Stills (of course, their daily movement — does not count, this is the result of Earth's rotation). Throughout his life, people watching the same constellation. However, astronomers have shown that the stars still move across the sky and the figures of the constellations do not remain constant over time, only it happens very slowly — over hundreds and thousands of years.

One of the first constellation that one learns in his life, is located in the northern part of the sky. It consists of seven bright stars in a bucket. Big Dipper. Who does not know him!

But still: why "bear" and not "bucket"? It turns out 100,000 years ago it was the shape of the constellation Ursa Major, the long, muzzle to bear.

Only this time, the constellation and could get his name! What could this mean for us?

1) 100 000 years ago, there was human speech!

2) The people of that time were sufficiently developed for the creation of myths. To see in the night sky-bear — this is necessary to be a good artist! How many of our contemporaries are able to do that?

Another simple observation concerns the title. People who gave the name of the constellation known bears, and perhaps — polar bears. By the way, the ancient configuration of this constellation is like a polar bear, and he stretched his face in the direction of the North Pole …..

What people might call it a constellation? Where he lived? May be on the Volga? On the northern Urals? On the Dnieper and Danube? Material traces of it are found, and possibly — lost forever.

By far the most convincing hypothesis is that the name of the constellation gave those Siberian (Mongolian, Turkic) tribes that 180 hundred years ago were able to make the most difficult even by today's standards, the transition through Siberia, across the Bering Strait and Alaska to the lands of America. It is these tribes settled after the American continent, created a unique culture of American Indians and 200-300 years ago were barbarously destroyed modern "conquest" of America — Europeans.

This supports the Siberian "origin" Big Dipper?

1) A high degree of drevnesibirskih tribes;

2) The need for accurate orientation in space during long forced the ancestors to seek reliable guidelines, and what landmarks reliable stars?

From tysyachevekovogo way were two words … grudging respect is our distant ancestor, the remarkable image that has survived not only their website, but the whole era. Constellations have long changed their shape, the world created new languages and peoples, namely to produce an unknown genius thousand centuries ago, we are enjoying today.

Doctor of Historical Sciences Vitaly Larichev in the article "The finds in Siberia," says that in 1982 in the north of Khakassia, in the valley of the White Iyusa opened the sanctuary of the Bronze Age, which are well-known type of stone observatory observatory Stonehenge, also dating from the Bronze Age. As a result, research observatory Iyusa White concluded: "…. people of the Bronze Age in Siberia had developed a great lunar-solar calendar and were able to record the time exceptional accuracy over days, weeks, months, and years." (Larichev V. Island purple lizard. M. Young Guard. 1984.)

The most ancient calendar found by archaeologists in Siberia during the excavations of Stone Age settlements Achinsk. He was about eighteen thousand years. It is a small stick, carved from mammoth ivory. On its surface the master Paleolithic with pinpoint accuracy and subtle elegance struck a spiral pattern, composed of 1065 to outline the various holes, serpentine strip is interrupted below the middle of the convex ring belt, a common attribute of the sacred wands sages of the ancient East. Painstaking investigation with a microscope showed that our ancestors were living in the territory of Siberia, for eighteen thousand years ago, T.E.ZADOLGODO EDUCATION Sumerian, Egyptian, Persian, Hindu, and Chinese civilizations, have a perfect lunar-solar calendar, absorbed ASTRONOMICAL Studies have not less than ten thousand in previous years.

Has an ancient nymphs, and unique tools for astronomical observations. So, for example, found the stone ruins of Sunny-stellar observatories, calendars and on the Kulikovo field and under Epiphanius, and under Ostriakovo. On the bank of the creek former Kurtz of Kulikovo was discovered stone white sandstone in the shape of a giant horse's skull, which has a cone-shaped through-hole in which it was possible to observe the rising-setting sun, moon, stars, or the fixed portion of the sky.

Upon further study of the observatory Kulikovo field, it became apparent that before her fading glory of a well-known Stonehenge with his clumsy, dug into the ground with giant triglitami.

A miniature model of forty-ton stone telescope easily rotated around the vertical, and even easier — the horizontal axis at the slightest pressure with the tip of a match.

In the same valley Kurtz found and other stone tools for tracking the sun rises in the days of the solstices and equinoxes. Were found not only solar watch with type vertical rod that is inserted into the hole on the rock next to the indentation for the water level, but tilted or "polar" watch with a shadow —

rod aimed at the pole of the world, as well as the pattern by which manufactured triangular plate, which is a circular plate with a concentric ring was cut down in its geometric center. This template was used as a sundial, and a pointer to an angle between the points of rising sun in the days of the earth and summer solstices. And such knowledge our ancestors possessed at a time to move away from us for a few thousand years!

As shown by recent studies, all the stone tools found at the Kulikovo Field, located on the surprisingly accurately reproduced the reduced model of the solar system. There are successive circles the Earth, Venus, Mars and Mercury. Moreover, all significant properties Kulikovo field fit to "square one." Yasnaya Polyana Tolstoy station lie on the circle of Saturn, Jupiter circle captures city Tula, and the circle of the sun — almost the entire central part of Eastern Europe.

Indian magicians (so called wise men and the Slavic and Eastern sages of the Bible foretold the birth of Christ) told the famous French astronomer JN Delisle (1688-1768g.) Located in the north of the Aryan homeland, the land of noble — Aryavarta where Aryan culture — the mother of 15 people, dispersed throughout the Indo-European area — spread throughout the Northern Hemisphere, covering him with his bright cult. They said to him and the coordinates of the ancient city-Aryan temple — Observatory.

The city was found in 1987 in the place specified Delisle, located in the southern Urals, where lie the famous Riphean Mountains. The city's name because of its location: it is located near the mountain range, called the Arch. Cossack on maps XIX century the whole valley in which the city was called the Arch, and the Cossacks knew the secret of the proto, but did not give it.

Experts who have studied the layout of the proto claim that its geometry is perfect. The ruins can be measured to the nearest centimeter, and most parts of minutes of arc. The key to the interpretation and understanding of these details, the mystery and the plan Arkaim gave Stonehenge. Both buildings are located approximately at the same latitude. Both buildings — geometric circles, and the radius of the ring holes Stonehenge centimeter equal to the radius of the inner ring of Arkaim. Exactly the same and the main axis, and a number of small parts.

Around Arkaim found other ancient city — a city of 121, making it possible to speak of the "Land of Cities", which was located in the area between the rivers Ural and Tobol in their upper reaches, the analogy of this country is megalithic culture of Britain and the Atlantic coast of Europe, and already mentioned cromlech Stonehenge, dating from the beginning of the third millennium BC, is older than the Egyptian pyramids.

From all this it is clear that about any impact on the culture of the eastern Mediterranean region of northern Eurasia is not out of the question, because, for all its antiquity, it appeared much later cultures of the northern Aryans.

No less important in the past, but now less significant properties are also located at 51-53 degrees north latitude For example, known in archaeological circles Arzhan lies exactly at 52 degrees north latitude Altai in the Upper Yenisei. His age is determined UShvekom BC, and it was built by the same rules as the Arch and Stonehenge. This object is not the last. In Ukraine, 52 degrees north latitude Kiev is located, and a little south of this line is a Neolithic settlement Maidanskii -1 belonging Tripoli culture IV millennium BC. This settlement was a hundred times more Arkaim, designed for two thousand inhabitants, it has a sewerage system, the largest in area houses the Central Eurasian type, which can accommodate up to 50 people and having a length of 20 meters, it is one coherent plan of fortifications houses, streets and squares.

City, built by the type of Arkaim, now began to open in the Baltic, the North, Pechora, in Siberia, in the East, in the Crimea and the Caucasus. Also, found a significant number of places of worship (temples, dolmens, temples) built uniformly, suggests indivisible pranarode inhabiting those territories or move that left significant traces of their presence.

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