Childrens question: between America and Russia

Children's question: between America and RussiaNot so long ago, in January, was held in Moscow so called "march against scoundrels." The event was dedicated to the protests against the "law of Dima Yakovlev". Purposely, we refer to the democratic sources: according to the "Bi-bi-si", took part in the march from 20 to 30 thousand people. The procession stretched for a mile. The protesters were against the law prohibiting adoptions Russian orphans Yankees. According to the Metropolitan Police, took part in the procession of 9.5 million people. Favorites opposition say about 30-50 tyschah. In short, a bit less than a million.

Favorite "Left Front" Sergei Udaltsov, who led the left column of the march, said the correspondent of "Bi-bi-si":

"This is a great success of civilian movement, namely the opposition. We refute the myth that the protest activity of the population was lost, now that the authorities can do whatever they want. It turned out more than 50 thousand, and taking into account the frost and New Year holidays, it is — a good result. "

Bolshennomu number of protesters and opposition rejoiced Ilya Yashin:

"From Passion to Pipe Boulevard absolutely packed with people. We are just over 50 thousand, "- said he is in his microblog.

Yashin forgive him tautology, and read about what kind of an "excellent result" given favorite of the Liberal Democratic Party Vladimir Zhirinovsky. According to his opinion, given on the website of the party, holding shares with such slogans as "March against scoundrels" unacceptable. Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party noted that Russian Babes — professional, and give the younger intellectual property in America — a common occupation for the "fifth column":

"In America, 700 thousand of their own orphans. Why are these South American families do not take their own orphans? Why is it someone else's child with a strange language and alien civilization? And why is there hunt to send our children? After all, you do not call the main cause. Not so in America better cure children with different diseases. And as the Russian kids — the most professional. Many orphans in Bulgaria, Poland. But where Polish designers? Where Polish planes? Where gallakticheskie system? That is why the 5th Column and the beats — take our mind in America. "

At the same time favorite of the Liberal Democratic Party said about 3 million cases of violence year, place in American families. He further said that the Yankees need Russian blood. In fact, rather than "take all the kids out of, then America will have their Kurchatov his brow." Chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party has concluded that all the Russian kids have to be "in our country."

January 30 the Central Investigation Department SK Russian Federation conducted an audit and filed a criminal case against U.S. citizen Shad Traylor on the fact of action by force sexy disposition in respect of a person who has not attained the age of fourteen ("b" of Part 4 of Art. 132 of the Criminal Code) — and more precisely, his adopted son Maxim Babayev. It is easy to guess that the boy was born in Russia.

Maxim Caleb Traylor born in 2006 — the one before moving to the United States was called Maxim Babayev — was adopted Yankees Shedonom Traylor and his wife Reena Christy in March 2009.

In the 2009-2011 years. adoptive father did act violently sexy disposition with respect to the receiving offspring. In 2009, the little boy was three years old!

On this shit, it became clear only in 2012. The couple was in front of the South American rapists tribunal. They were accused of "committing physical violence." Shedona Traylor punished by five years, but "conditional" and his wife gave year — And also a "conditional".

Physical abuse — not the same violence that sex appeal. RF IC noted that the charge of committing acts violently sexy temperament of the child of his adoptive father did not show, and the crime scene were not investigated. At the moment, the Investigative Committee is planning to bring to the competent authorities of the United States the necessary requests for legal assistance.

The chairman of the Union of Russian Alexander Bastrykin referred to American adoptive "psevdoroditelyami."

Dealing with South American adoptions come to the point that later, on February 4, Comrade Bastrikin writing invited U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to visit Russia.

The letter also said that during the visit it is planned to discuss the progress of the investigation of cases of violence against Russian kids in American homes, because at the moment RF investigated criminal cases on the facts of implementation on the ground of violence against the United States 13 malehankih Russians. The text read:

"With two-way intrigued to solve problems of naming and previous agreements, let us invite you for a working visit to the Russian Federation in at least some comfort to you with time to discuss the situation and possible ways to resolve it."

Sergei Chumarev, a senior adviser to the Russian Embassy in Washington, told Details of the case 6-year-old Maxim Babayev. He said, "The Voice RF"Embassy officials that struck attitude Russian authorities to neighborhood representatives, who is here to clarify the situation. Embassy officials contacted the 5 different offices, from the prosecutor's office and to manage archives sheriff neighborhood. Everywhere was mistrust everywhere were given a minimum of disk imaging, and for the funds. Chumarev said that "when we crossed out with black marker all the data and all relevant information about the case."

Love Kuryanova, a columnist for "Voice of Russia", identifies two main South American myth of the adoption of Russian children.

In 1-x, extensive walking among the masses is speculation that the ill-fated Russian children will be even better in America than in a poor country. But the recent tragic cases show about werewolves: Russian child south american stepfather forgotten in the car, and the baby suffocated. The other boy was beaten. Third strangled. This is a happy South American childhood?

It also cut one second myth: in America — the strict laws and the offender will be no mercy. But for some reason Themis separates kids into "us" and "them." Not on another, peeking through the blindfold!

In almost all cases where the wrongful acts are allowed in respect of babies born in Russia, says the journalist, the South American ancestors get a two-or three-year terms. Or just get off with a fine and public works. And the statistics of recent years proves that the guilty sit out almost half of t
he period.

Sergei Chumarev believes that the United States is very high demand on the white babies. He recalls that in the United States is not adopted (according to official figures — expect adoption) of about 100 thousand children. Only every second child is the newest family. Chumarev says about the unlimited plan legal obstacles. That is why, he said, for American adoptive parents and agencies involved in business in this area is of great significance adopt kids from Russia and other former Soviet states.

But the south american eyes (Gennady Wilner, blog "Echo of Moscow")

"… Any help you can easily get in the social services. The fact that America is hiding information about adopted children — heresy. They do not divide the kids on family and non-native, separate statistics are kept, all the family, such a rule. Meeting kids up to 16 years with strangers probably only with the consent of the parents. It is natural for at least some of the family, even in Russia, at least in Angola. "

Another eye (Alice Krutovskaya, "Voice of America")

"Suffice it to say that in 2008 in Russia by parents, guardians or relatives were killed by the coming 1700 kids, and from January to September 2009 — more than 500. In 2008, 130 Russian babies were killed by their mothers. "

Let's not idealize home. Not so long ago, I brought to the "IN" pieces from the collection of facts about the horrible death of Russian kids in RF, assembled journalists "Interfax". All of the disaster, described them, happened only in one in 2012.

December 11, intoxicated occupant of the Volgograd region scored to death 6-year-old stepson: beat him, slammed his head against the wall, and later tried to bring to life, cauterizing the body lighter. November 12 Moscow City Court sentenced addict Muscovite to 16 years in serious mode. He beat to death 11-month-old child concubine — "for the fact that he often cried." November 7 resident Syzran threw newborn son in a trash container, plugged his mouth gagged. November 1 intoxicated resident of Chelyabinsk region destroyed a seven-year daughter ladle, litsezrev that she peed in tights.

These are just some examples.

But it's not them and not the number of units of deaths per thousand, and thousands of "happy fate", which often try to operate with the same Americans. No one can figure out what will happen to the child if he stayed in Russia or go to America.

Now one thing is clear: America — it's not a solid Disneyland. There, as in the free-tolerant Europe (read about Britain and France) sufficiently often come across parents are homosexual, there legalized marijuana there for violence against a small child (trehletnim!) can wriggle probation. It's like the lottery: it is not clear whether you vytyanesh winning ticket, but you stand to lose a lot of …

The farther into the wood, the wood is, says the proverb. Drove Americans already have broken a lot. Perhaps the accelerated pace of the "cold war" will lead to the upcoming "freezing" of relations between Russia and the United States, if not the restoration of the "iron curtain" through existing mechanisms friend Onishchenko, sensible advocacy and the upcoming release of Baksova economic dependence. Now if the U.S. hegemon, the decrepit, and the rules of the game change. If America does not listen longs for change, then that is her future grief, not Russia.

The fact that Russian kids will not go to America (by the way, is under way and talk about the failure of adoption by the French — in this case, if the deputies in Paris will accept the position of the law on gay marriage, allows gomosemyam adoption) — does not mean that they do not went out and brought happiness here in Russia. We are not perfect, and we know it. We will try to correct. It is true that in Russia year of the year all the more terrible and more terrible, and that the entire population, including the elderly and the kids will soon become extinct due to the fault of a totalitarian government, mired in corruption. Problems in the country, naturally enough: Our homeland — not peninsula Utopia, fictional More. But that's no reason to give kids America. 13 years of criminal prosecutions against the American marauders have more than enough in order not to give. Rather it would 1st case.

Surveyed and commented Oleg Chuvakin
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