China has invented a hairy tights feature antiiznasilovaniya


New virus in the social networks has become a picture of unusual tights with which Chinese bloggers suggest girls to protect themselves from rapists. The surface of the product is fully covered with hairs that are visually transform women into the men's feet, says The Huffington Post.

Image laid out the network of the users Sina Weibo — Chinese counterpart Twitter. He said that the "super-sexy summer tights feature antiiznasilovaniya" certainly come in handy every young girl. Photos of unusual items first shattered among users of the PRC, and then all over the World Wide Web.

However, if there are hairy tights in fact, or are they the product of the imagination, an anonymous prankster is unknown. Contrary to the assumptions of many commentators that the ladies are unlikely to spoil its appearance for security reasons, inmates forums already being discussed novelty. "Girls who are tired of the men who stare burning through your legs after shaving or waxing? Here's a possible solution to the problems that came from China!" — Writing one of them.

Among the representatives of the fair half of mankind there were those who reacted to light fresh product with a hefty dose of sarcasm: "There is no doubt that the invention will scare libertines, admiring your feet. Ladies But keep in mind that these socks will" help "avoid and attractive men who might be interested in them. "

Recently developed clothes and other items that could protect women from men too intrusive. For example, Indian students, given the large number of rapes in the country, invented a special bra. Upgraded bra has a current alleged rapist and he calls the police.

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