Choosing the gods we choose destiny

Choosing the gods we choose destiny

The main holy book of the Jews is the Old Testament. The main holy book of Christians — the Bible, consisting of two parts — the Old Testament (about 80% of the Bible) and the New Testament (about 20% of the Bible.) So, Christianity and Judaism is almost one common ideological tree on which the New Testament — only small twigs and branches. In words, Christians for centuries trying to distance themselves from the Jews, to prove even that they are, with their opposites, at least — two qualitatively different fruit.

Even Christians, do not hesitate to his odnodrevnosti with Jews, compared with the stench Judaism, and Christianity with flavor. But how can coexist on the same tree of abomination and spice, poison and medicine? The very fact of coexistence on the same tree would make Christians think, but they, unfortunately, do not think. Bleak neighborhood they do not warp, smelly stinking ideology of the Old Testament — the total for those and others — they do not care, entirely Crime criminal biographies of Biblical characters and infamous faces of these criminals on icons — their eyes do not bother.

They worship those centuries Jewish likam hear and whispered in awe of their Jewish names and their hearing is not offended. Moreover, after these criminals they were adverbs and continue to give their names to their children and grandchildren. There was a paradox: Jewish names John, Michael, Mary, etc. were considered purely Russian, while many Jews were Stanislaus, Bronislava,

Vladimir and Svyatoslav, causing the Russian and other Slavic certain antipathy to their own names when choosing names for their children. This is also one of the way, as his oplevyvaya, plant iudofilstvo. And this paradox — not an accident, but a logical pattern iudofilstva Christian, Christian internationalization.

1000 years in all churches in all services and all required characters praise Jewish daily prayers, sermons and hymns, praising them to the skies, and even higher. Themselves in the same breath dethroning to hell and even lower. This tradition of spitting their lives, their history, their culture, their great and glorious figures invisible rests on the Christian roots internationalization.

Secretly (internal prayer) and explicitly (vociferous deacons) daily compare themselves Russian Orthodox Christians on an issue with some Old Testament or New Testament Jew and finding similarities in deeds and actions, are proud of is that we also de Israelis! In the Middle Ages called the Russian people, the people of Israel were very flattering for the Orthodox hearing: to recall the correspondence with Ivan the Terrible Kurbski.

How Orthodox worship permeated and saturated with the Jewish spirit, his imaginary "values" and by the Jews themselves, not only atheists, but even ordinary believers can not imagine. Knew that, apparently, only the priests, but they are, in total ignorance and blind, uncritical sound liturgy and so on., Not seen in the biblical Jews nothing but members of the so highly revered by Christians, "God's chosen people." Language barrier of the Church Slavonic language in which the service of God, as much to hide and conceal.

Iudofilsky internationalism Orthodoxy well camouflaged and Russian, in the Aryan-based architecture, temples, paintings and Russian icons and frescoes, the faces of the Jews, most of whom strongly russifitsirovat sometimes caress look handsome, and Russian wood carving, stone carving and engraving, and Slavonic ligature, and finally, the fact that the present parish church exclusively Russian nationality. But the worse of this insidious form of Russian in her church iudofilskoe BEZRODNY cosmopolitan content!

Any Jew in the Bible, whoever he may be, as an example for Russian saint during the service. It is emphasized that the whole life of the Russian was, it appears, not only in the imitation of Christ and the Virgin Mary, and to some even a Jew, and indicated that the Russian was unable, however, to reach the heights of "holiness", which reached when something or that the Jewish "righteous." The most that could not Russian, is closer to the "sanctity" of the Jew, and then only because he was in life imitated this Jew.

Every now and then you hear Alexander (Nevsky), you — the Russian Joseph Seraphim (Sarov), you — Elijah Glorious, Vladimir (Equal Apostles), you're like Paul (Saul), Sergei (Radonezh) you like Moses, Tikhon (Kaluga) , get ready: now you oblagodetelstvuem singing Old Testament psalms, Mitrofan (Voronezh), how are you, Samuel, Basil (Ryazan), how are you, David, Olga (Princess Kiev), you are, first, the Apostle Andrew (ie brother traitor Christ — Peter), and secondly, as Rachel; Fevronia (Murom), you as Revveka etc. General characteristics of the highest Russian saint — "child of Zion." Sometimes in anticipation of bliss — to enter the Jewish paradise — even ordinary Christians have called themselves sons of Zion!

What sort of a genuine anti-Zionism can say with genuine Christian believers?
From the book of Emelyanov "Desionizatsiya"

Choosing the gods we choose destiny

To you the full version of "Desionizatsii" — books, open the eyes of many at the time, and many of our compatriots in the monstrous crimes of international Zionism. Published in samizdat in 1979, she went among Russian readers on her hands, forcing the authorities to pursue its distributors and readers … It is because of this fearless book reappeared in our country, Russian National Liberation Movement. For the reader, anti-Zionist, and anyone interested in the problems of the world conspiracy.

Author:Valery Emelyanov
Publisher:Russian Pravda
Size:4.5 MB
Number of pages:213

Extras. Information:Valery Emelyanov — a living legend. PhD, academic, writer, scholar and Arabist, author of several books on Arabic dialects … It's not all that can be said about him. In fact, he is the founder of the modern nationalist movement. For seven years he spent in Leningrad spetspsihlechebnitse for being printed and sent to all members of the Brezhnev Politburo and the Secretariat of the Central Committee who soon became his famous book "Desionizatsiya" that now you, dear reader, in your hands. On his "Desionizatsii", we can say a whole generation of Russian nationalists. A long time ago, when the KGB vengeance followed the dissenters, across the country, "Desionizatsiyu" underground "photocopies", make a copy, reproduce, circulate.


Choosing the gods we choose destiny

Choosing the gods we choose destiny

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