Classes in junior high schools in the capital of Chukotka canceled due to frost

Anadyr region on Friday canceled classes in city schools for primary school due to severe cold, accompanied by wind, according to the city administration.

"On Friday, the regional capital, the air temperature dropped to 30-33 degrees Celsius, says wind gusts of up to 14 meters per second, which matches that of the weather conditions for the lifting of training sessions for students in grades 1-4," — said the representative of the administration of the capital of Chukotka.

He added that on Sunday in Anadyr, as predicted by meteorologists expected to gain up to 35 degrees below zero and wind gusts of up to 10 meters per second.

Now low temperatures were established throughout the territory of Chukotka, and, in some areas, they are also accompanied by high winds.

Thus, according to meteorologist Chukotka, on Saturday in the continental region (city Bilibino Bilibino district) the temperature drops to 43 degrees below zero, and on the coast of the Arctic Ocean — to 40 degrees below zero. In addition, on the shores of the Chukchi and Bering seas at 27-32 degrees below zero and the wind is expected to speed up to 16-17 meters per second.

As reported in the regional emergencies department, at the moment of emergency situations related to cold temperatures, impaired heat and water supply of settlements can be identified.

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