Clip-Air — aircraft that carries cars across the sky


In air transport and rail has its pluses and minuses. Some people prefer one mode of transport, and someone — else.

But scientists and engineers from the Ecole Polytechnique in Lausanne combined Both of these methods in a single transport people. And his name — Clip-Air.

People who follow the development of modern transportation, must have seen hybrids that combine a car and a motorcycle, plane and helicopter. A Swiss engineers and scientists from Lausanne combined two seemingly completely opposite to each other mode of transport for people and goods — the plane and train.

The concept vehicle named Clip-Air is a huge plane that has not one, but three-body capsule. Each of them can be filled with people or cargo are separately and then attached to a common basis.

Developers Clip-Air compare their child with a train, which from now on will not run on rails, and the sky, and the capsule in the form of transport will serve as coaches of the train.

This concept is remarkable that these capsules can all also serve as regular cars. And you can fill them with people at railway stations, not at airports. This innovation, as well as to large capacity aircraft will make flights with Clip-Air is much more cheaper than even the most budget conscious modern aircraft.

Another advantage of Clip-Air is the fact that this vehicle can unite under one wing of the board of three airlines, which, by the way, will be able to rent rather than buy their own aircraft. Rather, in this case, the individual capsules.

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