Cloning of the Antichrist: Experiments with DNA


"When the thousand years are expired, Satan will be released from prison and will come out to deceive the nations …" It seems that this prophecy recorded in the Book of Revelation, is beginning to come true. And mysticism is not to blame. The case took scientists. They want to clone Christ. But without knowing it, can get his spiritual opposite — the Antichrist.

Sensational confession made by Alan Adler, a famous chemist who studied samples of the legendary Shroud of Turin cloth, which, according to legend, was wrapped slain on the cross, Jesus Christ.

Blood on the Shroud of Turin, said the scientist, and it belongs to a man who died a violent death.

And in the Center for Advanced Genetic Technologies, University of Texas (U.S.) from the blood spots was isolated DNA. Victor Tryon, director of the Center, confirmed that the human genetic material. It was divided into several samples and sent to different laboratories for further research.

The results so far are not advertised, but it is obvious that they are. Dr. Leoncio Garza-VALDES one of the few scientists who were allowed to personally touch the shroud is writing a book with a simple but shocking name "DNA of God."

Shroud of Turin — is a linen cloth, posthumous veil of Jesus Christ. Length of approximately 4 meters 20 centimeters, width slightly more than a meter. (8×2 cubits, according to biblical standards). Since 1578 is stored in Turin (Italy) in a special metal box — cancer.

It was believed that the first mention of the shroud dated 1354 year. However, the investigation, which recently held a well-known historian Ian Wilson, showed that there are more earliest evidence relating to 1200. They described the canvas, by all the signs similar to the shroud. But then, the relic was known as Edessa cloth, as preserved in the Turkish city of Edessa.

The first photo of the Shroud was made May 28, 1898 by a man named Secondo Pia. It was on his shot images of the body and face, barely visible on the fabric first appeared clearly.

Photographic plate with image Pia almost dropped from shaky hands. "I see the face of God" — he whispered. Shroud had almost died twice in 1532 and most recently in April 1998. Recent studies image on the shroud it possible to determine the growth of Jesus Christ of about 1 meter 80 centimeters.
In the monastery of the Spanish city of Oviedo kept a piece of ancient linen cloth with blood. The researchers Alan and Mary Hanger recently conducted examination. And found that the blood is the same that was found on the Shroud of Turin. And similar traces.

Dimensions tissue 83h53 centimeters. Scientists believe that found the same shawl that was removed from the head of Jesus Christ, and lay curled in a coffin with the body.

If you believe the chronicles, the handkerchief was taken from Jerusalem in 614, during the war with Persia. In Oviedo, he appeared in 1113.

A copy of God

A couple of years ago, the people comfortable with the combination of three letters of DNA. And now worried. Because DNA is the basis for cloning. With the DNA of any creature, you can make a copy of it, and in fact he was. Which was successfully demonstrated in practice. The famous Dolly the sheep was the exact replica of sheep, which had taken genetic material. That is DNA.

It soon became clear that human cloning is not a problem. Professor Richard LED undertook to solve it in time for the end of the millennium. The case was for a worthy candidate for cloning. And now he is found. The one whose blood was shed on the shroud.

In an interview with the magazine "Time" Garza-Valdes summed up the ten-year dispute about the authenticity of the Shroud of Turin. "I have no more reason to doubt that the Shroud of Turin was a posthumous veil of Jesus Christ — said the scientist. I have no doubt in the fact that it was his blood found on the fabric. "

The debate here is why. In 1988, three laboratories in England, Switzerland and the United States reached a verdict: woven cloth of the Shroud in the XIV century. These results gave an analysis conducted by the radiocarbon method. It turned out that the shrine was forged. Only recently hurtful conclusions were refuted. The largest contribution to this was made by Russian scientists. They cleaned itself a reason for doubt.

Through experiments succeeded in persuading colleagues, says Dmitry Kuznetsov, doctor of chemical sciences, that they made a mistake in determining the age of the fabric. And the test results were distorted "odd" carbon which tissue soaked in a fire. In fact, the shroud is much older. According to our data, it is not less than 2000 years.

Number of the Beast "666"

The links of the chain are added one by one. Strung events and discoveries. But also remember the prophecy. Personally, my hair stands on end from the terrible coincidence. The second coming of Christ foretold. But foretold the coming of the Antichrist. The Bible directly says that he will come to Earth is the image of Christ in his flesh. It is his fake counterpart. This indeed can happen as a result of cloning.

Moreover, the Antichrist to kill the two witnesses began his appearance. The first victims probably become scientists to clone it. And then the "space usurper and impostor wearing a mask of Christ," "man of sin" will embody the absolute negation of God's commandments, bleed the people in a deadly battle.

"Who is the Antichrist?" — Asks the Byzantine interpreter of the New Testament Theophylact of Bulgaria. Satan is not it? "And then he says," No, but a man who took all his strength. "He will establish the kingdom of Satan, where" people are selfish, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unmerciful, wrong way, slanderers, intemperance, ruthless alien love of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure more than God. "

Yes we live in a kingdom. It remains his only lead.

St. John the Evangelist, predicting the emergence of the Antichrist, it would seem, is neither here nor there to mess with him a certain number of the beast: "If anyone has insight, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man and his number is six hundred sixty-six."

For a long time, the puzzle was quite clear. There are many who interpret it literally. Like, will a man who has, for example, will be written on the head of "666."

> Or the name of it would be such that the numerical values of the letters (?) Amounting to give "666."

And only now began to suspect that the number of the beast in some way related to the genetic code, expressed in digital form. I would not be surprised if it turns out that among the "666" is encoded DNA sequence of genetic signals. Or its fragments necessary for successful cloning.

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