Cold snap with wind and snow coming this week in Tuva

The air temperature in Tuva in the week will drop from the current 12-17 degrees Celsius to 16 degrees below zero, are also expected strong wind and sleet, said Republican control of MOE.

"In the middle of the week in the country is expected to increase in wet snow north-west wind in places to 15-20m / s. Temperatures at night in the first half of the week will be from 3 to 2 degrees below zero degrees Celsius. Places 3-8 degrees below zero, in the second half Weeks 5-10 degrees below zero, sometimes 11-16 degrees Celsius, "- said in a statement.

According to the MOE, on Tuesday is expected to Tuva Cloudy weather, day and night, sometimes a little chance of rain and snow in the mountains of snow.

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