Colored glass Telehany

On the streets of the Company's hurricane central part of the pre-war homes are worth more. Some — plastered, some — blackened by time. Near one of the houses I was talking and got to knowOlga Mikheev. Funny and very talkative woman. Because zhytstsyaradasnastsi difficult to determine its age. Mrs. Olga, after learning that I was a journalist, invited me to tea. The apartment is on the whole sound of the radio worked.


Olga"To me the noise was in the house!"

Reporter"And what is good, on the radio?"

Olga"And even though bark but gently. Sometimes, it seems, would take the box so the floor rang. But what is the box's fault? I love to walk in the woods. I walk through the farm yard. Once nursed calves. Status in calves — Lord, my God. After the war, and then you look better, as I have kept them than it is today! I say, shout to the whole territory, who can hear. Yes you give that advice. "

Home of Mrs. Olga have a high ceiling and a serious foundation. About thirty years ago there was a hotel. Before the war this house and all the surrounding houses belonged to other people.

Olga"It was a street Svyatavolskaya. Jews lived here. Here the most important was a rich Jew. In this house. Even in my house basement for the whole room. There they sat in the basement. Deliver and save. And see how the Germans were shot. God forbid such a child to see. My mother drove to his grandmother, because I'm scared to war. "

In the streets, where two generations ago there were other people who said they were another language, walk awkwardly. After all, the real owners of these houses will never declare their rights. In Telekhany was not the ghetto. Jews were shot Aug. 5, 1941, without giving time to recover. But that day is preserved in the memory of all the old-timers Telehanskij. Old tselyahanka Tatiana remembers how she played with colored glass on looted Jewish court.


Tatiana"Here at home is packed full of glass. And we collected. And then over the slides father beat me. More to your leg was not there. That's their job. Father pitied them, I guess. He said, "Take, where he took." And the beat. This I remember well. " A Jew asked his father: "Basil, take my goods. How to stay live, it is enough for you and me. " Father did not want to take. "

Reporter"That's right thing? Or not? "

Tatiana"Of course, right. But why? To his father was killed for his good? And so put him to the firing squad for good. Nabrahav who can. "

In Telekhany has its own botanical garden. Otherwise, call the yard naturalist Leonid Zhytsyaneva did not go. After all, every free piece of his busy patio with exotic pine, cypress, thuja. Almost palm trees.


On his admiration of this fifty-year-intelligent gentleman can talk for hours. From his conversation, I chose the most useful.


Leonid"Mark Holland. It provides good products. But pine, which in our case up to 60 centimeters is growing by about five years — they manage the greenhouses for the year to make. And when they come to our conditions, in the first winter die."

Reporter"So let's make the advertising of your products …"

Leonid"No.. I do not want to. After all, I do not have so much planting material. I do not have a goal that is widely reproduced. After all, if I put it all the way to the trade, trade will take away all the time. And I will be one-sided only develop in the direction of money. And why should I care? Money is — is not important. Trade and studies are inconsistent. "

Leonid gave me a tour of his mini-jungle. And looking at the way he touches a plant, you realize that it really can not worry about the money.

Leonid"That's kiparysavik nutkanski. Just 20 years ago, no one dreamed that he can grow in Belarus. This plant to 6 years. Its height — two meters. We had 30 in the winter with a tail — he wintered well. He has adapted. Caught on. "

Reporter"What you have done to it?"

Leonid"Nothing. Person interacts with the plants energy. And my desire is probably pushing it to us growing up."

Real, hereditary tselyahantsav in today Telekhany there are not so many. But the main fear of the last war in this place has a face and a name. In Telekhany not afraid of Hitler and Himmler. The main trouble for the occupation has become his own man, stories which are passed from grandparents grandchildren.

If the old men told the Jews were rounded up over the fence, then Telehanskij people went to these homes.

Leonid"If the old men told the Jews were rounded up over the fence, then Telehanskij people went to these homes. The good was a blanket, pillows, dishes. There are those shot, but these are all pulled. But you do not find anywhere else. My mother told me they lived on a farm — "Come Jewish shall find good." But many were going for the gold. But the Jews knew and many people have suggested, I'll give you gold, but you hide my children. Some hid. But there were local bastards who knew someone in the house who is. They just pulled out and killed. "

Reporter"This deals with the police."

Leonid"A lot of policemen were here. When the war ended, and the police were all the same with the Germans went on. And here they have relatives. And the Soviets began their push. There was a shelf Telekhany young, and he was mocked of people. Of their own people. Named bastard. He ran away with the Germans. A mother left. Well — the old lady where she might go? It just was strangled. Wire twisted around his neck and buried alive in a pit. "

Reporter"What did he do?"

Leonid"Take it all in all I wanted. Could anyone put against the wall and shot. Were all allowed. He could rape someone, what if the girl liked. It was then able to kill her."

Leonid Telehanskij did not mention the name of the cat who escaped to the West and, perhaps, quietly lived his rotten life. In theory, he can live now. But it is necessary that the names of freaks remained in people's memory and history. I called another name Telehanskij old. Hope Illinskaya.


Reporter"They say there raged a" bastard "?

Hope"So. George. That's his name. Georges Viktarovich. This could kill any neighbor. I remember being taken to the police on a cart Kurochkin family. She was under the Soviet deputy. He drove the family and sang "Eternal Memory". And the shot right there. It was February, a terrible person. "

Telehany famous in Byelorussia primarily for its skiing and hockey sticks. In a free market, the factory has suffered hard ti
mes. After all, the Chinese cheap shaft has spared no one. Young workers fled to the Russian construction sites. Were women, and the most dedicated people to the enterprise. With one of these patriots and the chance to talk to me. Chatting with an old work, I was delighted. If it is held in the Belarusian production, it is only on such veterans.


Reporter"And what you're sunk?"

Working"It is not we come. It's gotten to the authorities. In five years, ten directors. We were under the nonsense of the president. And what's the point? "

Reporter"A" is nonsense president "- this administration? And under the wing of the president?" ..

Working"Sense no no. Came, saw and left. And now — "Beltorg," a very different organization. Reconstruction done. We see that people are working. The salary has increased. And the 500, 600 and seven hundred I myself 16 years of skiing prakleiv! Even bought the equipment evravokny do. I hit it with a '71 '.

Reporter"You have my heart aches for her?"

Working"The soul aches. I do not go looking for another company. You could go to. But it's mine! "

But back to the house to Olga Mikheev. I noticed in the corner of her house old balalaika.

Reporter"And it is your balalaika? Do you play? "

Olga"I used to play. "She ran a mouse on the floor, no bread on the farm. And in barns little there is, Mayseyka not eat." A Mayseyka was the foreman. Such ditties composed. "

Reporter"If Comrade Stalin?"

Olga"So. And he rudely vyrazhavsya. "I love you, — speaks — b …'ll put in jail for this ditty." Not afraid. After all, I still have. "


'll Be Telekhany, be sure to check out there the shop. this you will not see anywhere else. All the walls are decorated with the usual gamazeya mosaic made of broken bottle glass. Is there a moose, bear, deer, birds. It is seen that done amateur, but with all my heart. In the agro-towns such films do not. Whether folk artists have come down, whether the authorities can not disobey. But the name of the author of this panel is worthy of our memory.

Reporter"Who has done on Magazyn pictures of the bottles?"

Olga"Grushetsky. My neighbor. He was an artist. Andrew Grushetsky. Such a memory left in Telekhany "


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