Crack the Sun has split into two camps of scientists


Sun smiled and turned his back to us? Astronomers have seen the terrible black bar that divided the light almost in half. Some experts do not rule out that the source of life on the planet can be an unpleasant surprise to humanity in the coming months. Moreover, that "crack" is growing with enormous speed: For three days it has increased almost threefold.

A line that stretched to the Sun by nearly a million miles away, can be seen even in amateur telescopes. Some are so unusual phenomenon spotted a smile, and some, on the contrary, I thought that was shining offended and turned his back on us. However, the experts about the giant black stripes have their forecasts: optimistic and pessimistic. The only bad news, according to a leading researcher of the Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey Bogachev that earthlings threatens another magnetic storm, which traditionally affect the work of art and well-being of people meteodependent.

"Such structures are very unstable because they are a foreign body to the sun. Both the Sun strive to get rid of them: it throws them out into interplanetary space. If the line emission is any planet, such as Earth, then, respectively, in the world there some of the consequences of such a strike — a magnetic storm, "- says Sergey richer.

On the other hand, the huge black bar on the Sun is not at all surprised the scientists. Last time this phenomenon, however, is not so large, observed in October 2005. Long fibers that appear dark due to the relatively low temperature as compared with the atmosphere of the sun, called protuberances astronomers. It's like a cloud. Sergey Bogachev says to cracks they are not relevant, since the gas that makes up the sun, the crack can not physically:

"The stars explode when, of course, do not crack before this, and explode like gas clouds. Simply expand indefinitely. This is a very beautiful phenomenon, but it is a mystery to science. This so-called" cold dark fiber. "Most close analogue — this earthly cloud. " — Tells the rich.

The fact that the weather in space in fall 2012 will deteriorate, U.S. NASA experts have warned long ago. According to them, in the near September, the Sun will occur outbreak of unprecedented power, the effects of which can be compared to a nuclear war or the fall of a giant asteroid. Senior Researcher at the Department of Physics of the Sun State Sternberg Astronomical Institute of Moscow State University, Igor Nikulin, this information is not confirmed. Activity at the nearest star to Earth actually increased in recent years, but the disaster is not threatened. And if the sun suddenly goes off or explode, then no earlier than 5 billion years.



"We, in general, anything that is not threatened. Neither the explosion of the sun, no, on the contrary, the termination of nuclear reactions on it. But rather large effects associated with solar activity — it is a regular process to which life on Earth is already used : in magnetic storms, emissions from the surface of the Sun, the X-ray bursts, and so on ", — assured Igor Nikulin.

The last powerful flare was observed on the Sun March 8, 2012. On that day, as is usually the case, someone had a headache, and in the communication occurred minor interference. People are a little afraid, and the sun smiled.

Author: Alexey Chesnokov

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