Curiosity sniff the Martian air



Mars rover Curiosity breathed "air" of the Red Planet. Samples taken by the rover went into a special compartment for the samples. The work is not finished yet, but there are no surprises at this point, scientists do not expect. It is known that the Martian atmosphere is composed primarily of carbon dioxide.

It was found out in the 70's during the expedition rovers Viking. Now the main objective of the working group — found in air samples alien traces of methane — a very volatile gas. His presence would indicate the presence of a renewable source on the planet — a biological or geochemical. So, would advance research a step forward in the search for life on Mars.

Curiosity is now at a distance of 109 meters from the place of landing, forced to park. The robot manipulator arm knead, onto which the instruments weighing 30 kilograms. It takes a lot of time to learn how to manage it in a weak Martian gravity.


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