Dear British special forces vorachivaetsya home. Loss recognized as unacceptable

Dear British special forces returned home.  Losses recognized as "unacceptable"

173 elite soldiers of the 22nd regiment of the British Special Air Service (SAS) will return home from Libya in the coming days are. The losses incurred by them in time military campaign, the military department of England declared inadmissible. This was "" said the British military expert Peter Beynchli, citing sources in the SAS.
According to him, "the official number of losses were not disclosed. But, according to various sources, it is 21 to 35 soldiers. "
The greatest loss, for disk imaging Beynchli, SAS suffered during time assault on Tripoli and when the helicopter was shot down on border Libya and Algeria.
Preparation and maintenance of the 1st Special Forces soldier of this regiment, according to professionals, is worth up to 1 million pounds per year.

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